Time to make the doughnuts…

February 27, 2010

With all the baking and gardening I do, I figured starting a complimentary blog would be a good idea. Mostly because I think of changes or things I need to remember (like when seeds are planted) and then I completely forget them. So if nothing else, this is just for my own memory.

That said, my first entry kind of sets the tone. Doughnuts. Deep fried doughnuts. Dipped in glaze. This ain’t a health food blog, that’s for sure.

I used the doughnut recipe from Joy the Baker via 17andbaking. First off, it has to be said, I don’t think I’ve ever made an easier recipe. Where bread doughs have me (and the kitchen counters. and the floor. and the little gingerbreadman timer.) covered in flour within 5 minutes of starting, this was easy. Super easy. Really, really easy. Throw everything in the mixer, turn on mixer. Done. After that, let dough rise, cut out doughnuts and let rise again. The cutting out and transferring to a cookie sheet to rise was probably the toughest part because the dough would stretch and lose its shape. But once fried, the shape didn’t really matter too much.

But while it was insanely easy, I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about the taste. I’m not a cinnamon fan. I’d probably cut back on how much cinnamon is in them next time. The doughnuts were airy but not as airy as I’d hoped. But that’s only a minor qualm.

I also wasn’t crazy about the glaze. It was basically powdered sugar melted down with flavoring. And it just tasted too much like any of those powdered sugar frostings. It was too sweet and didn’t really have a good flavor. I’m thinking of slathering some Nutella on some leftovers.