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Last Updated October 15, 2017
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Practice your German language skills with pop singer Mark Foster.

If you listen to any German language radio then you likely have heard the name Mark Forster. His 2014 sophomore album, Bauch und Kopf, was a huge pop hit in Germany. The title track won the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2015. And he is known for serving as a judge on The Voice Kids.

Let’s get to know singer Mark Forster and practice your German language skills with his catchy pop songs. You’ll be singing along in no time!

About Mark Forster

Mark Foster was born Marek Ćwiertnia in Dortmund to a German father and a Polish mother. For a time he was the frontman for the band Balboa and also wrote music and jingles for television. But by 2010 he was signed to Four Music and two years later he released his debut Karton. The album did respectfully in the charts.

Foster’s music is large and it isn’t shy. It stays with you but it isn’t catchy in the traditional throw-away sense that is often so prevalent in pop music. Foster is clearly trying to make a connection with fans and impart a message.

To the Top of the Charts

However, it was Forster’s 2014 album Bauch und Kopf to pushed him to the top of the German pop music scene. The album features hit tracks like “Au revoir,” which sees a guest appearance from rapper Sido, and “Flash mich.” Tape, from 2016, is Forster most recent release. The album features the singles “Wir sind groß” and “Chöre.” The latter track was used for the soundtrack of the film Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (starring major German film stars like Heiner Lauterbach, Florian David Fitz and Elyas M’Barek).

On Tour

Like any and all hard working musicians, Forster is touring extensively. Summers usually see him criss-crossing the German speaking world playing festivals. He will then kick off his Tape Tour in Stuttgart on November 2nd. The tour will wrap up December 16th in Göttingen.

Use pop singer Mark Forster's music to practice your German language skills.

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