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4 Coffee and Tea Trends You’ll Want to Try

Tea and coffee seem to be more popular than ever! Everyone’s trying special artisan coffees and loose-leaf tea blends. After attending this year’s Coffee and Tea Festival in Brooklyn, I noticed some specific coffee and tea trends. We’re not talking about your grandma’s instant coffee and weak tea anymore. Oh, no! We’re way past that! Artisan, organic, and unconventional. There is something for everyone. Check out these four Coffee and Tea Trends that you’ll want to try!

Chai & Yerba

There was more than one vendor selling solely chai or yerba mate at the Coffee & Tea Festival in Brooklyn. Chai tea has steadily increased in popularity over the years. The fact that there were companies dedicated to the beverage speaks to just how popular it is.

And yerba mate is following in chai’s footsteps. The South American herbal brew doesn’t have to be difficult to make. Vendors like Yerba Project are selling bottles of the beverage pre-brewed and ready for consumption.

“Modern” Flavors with Fun Names

If Earl Grey or English breakfast are your standard go-to teas, then you are living in the past, my friend! Traditional, old fashioned tea blends are out, out, out. Instead, it’s all about more modern flavors with fun names. For example, Oh You Tease‘s “Snuggle Up & Sip Me” is a twist on English breakfast with added cinnamon or Bad Girl Good Tea‘s “In love with the Coco-nut” blend of black tea and, you guessed it, coconut. Or what about “Popcorn Tea” — a take on Genmaicha — from teapigs. You’re old standards are still around but they have gotten a bit of a makeover.

Alcohol & Soda

While tea and coffee might be a guilt-free beverage for some, others are looking to harness all that flavor in a different way. Tom’s Lemon Coffee have combined cold brew coffee with fresh sparkling lemonade. Meanwhile the folks at Owl’s Brew are offering tea-infused mixers as well as tea radlers — that is, beer mixed with tea and herbal mixes. Who says you can’t have a little fun with your coffee or tea?

Drinking for your Health

Tea has always been a healthy alternative to other options. Whether it be low/no caffeine, herbal or green tea, the health benefits have been proven and well documented. But even tea has its downside, as recent studies have shown that some common teas can contain pesticides. So organic teas are very popular, understandably. There were a number of companies specializing in organics at the show: Miss Tea, Jhana Organics, and Ateaz Organic Coffee & Tea. Many brands also offer organic options even if all of their products entire product lines aren’t. Likewise, there is no shortage of herbal teas intended to help you feel good. From traditional chamomile to the recently trendy rooibos, there are lots of options. Capital Teas has Purifying Tea with “cleansing herbs.”

For the coffee drinkers looking for a healthier alternative, they need look no further than Four Sigmatic and their mushroom coffee. Originating from Finland, the company offer different instant blends that are either partially or completely mushroom-based. The drink is organic and with less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. Four Sigmatic are offering a coffee drink in a market that’s traditionally been more tea-focused. That means coffees that they recommend for lowering stress, providing energy and better sleep.

What are your favorite coffee and tea trends for 2017? Have you tried any of these trends?

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