German Book Review: Stuckrad-Barre’s “Panikherz”

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benjamin von stuckrad-barre panikherz

Earlier this year, it was announced that German journalist/author/television moderator Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre was be publishing a new book. I instantly became excited. The author had seemingly disappeared from the public eye, at least from my point of view. After his RBB television series Stuckrads Homestory finished airing in 2014, things seemed to get quiet. […]

German Book Review: Stuckrad-Barre’s Deutsches Theater

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benjamin von stuckrad-barre deutsches theater

I love Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre. Really. I do. I watched his television shows religiously thanks to the power of that wonderful thing we call the internet. I read all of his books that I can get my little not-in-Germany hands on. I even — and I cringe admitting this — wrote him a fan letter. […]

German Book Review: Stuckrad-Barre’s Auch Deutsche unter den Opfern

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I’m no German language expert — far, far from it — but I have been seeing a large response to my posts sharing my experiences learning German. So I’ve decided to start a new “feature” reviewing the German language books I read, which are as much for pleasure as they are for language practice. This […]

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Best German Podcasts You Need to Hear

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Learning German is all about practice. Whether you are driving to work in your car, out for a jog, or just cleaning around the house, listening to German podcasts is a really great way to pass the time and flex those language learning muscles in your brain. And, of course, there are podcasts for every […]

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Learn German with Films of Director Helmut Dietl

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Learn German with the television and films of director/writer Helmut Dietl.

By the time he passed away in 2015, Helmut Dietl had made a name for himself in the German language film industry that would make many envious. He had written and directed dozens of films and television series. Dietl had been given countless awards, including being recognized with multiple lifetime achievement awards. Bavaria has recognized […]

Books, Books, Books: What I Read in 2016

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This year I made a concerted effort to read more. I wanted to read more. Period. If a book was in English or in German, it did not matter quite so much to me. And I found I put down several German language books that I was getting frustrated with. The struggle with a foreign […]

German Film: Michael Bully Herbig

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michael bully herbig

This month’s featured German filmmaker is Michael Bully Herbig. Today the Munich born Herbig is writing, directing, producing and starring in many of the comedy films and television shows he makes. But in the early 1990s he got his start in radio with his particular sense of humor. His career has since skyrocketed and even […]

German Music: Udo Lindenberg

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Udo Lindenberg by Tine Acke

Recently I have been working to make a dent in Panikherz, the recently released nearly 600-page memoir from one of my favorite German authors, Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre. In the book, Stuckrad writes of his life growing up and his later battles with drugs and an eating disorder. Throughout the book he weaves in the thread […]

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Reading List 2015

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2016 reading list

Another year. Another group of books. Last year I tried to take a small break from German language books in order to give myself a mental break. This year the list is klein aber fein — or so I’m telling myself. I’m a little disappointed that my reading list isn’t longer. 2015 reading list count: […]

German Film: Karoline Herfurth

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Since her big film debut in the 2000 film Crazy (which also starred April’s film recommendation Robert Stadlober in the lead role), Berlin actress Karoline Herfurth has been awful busy. In addition to several theater productions and made for television movies, she has got quite a list of film credits to her name. Not to […]

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German Film: Nora Tschirner

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As an actress, moderator, and musician Nora Tschirner does it all. After getting her start in the early 2000s as a moderator and VJ for German MTV, she transitioned to acting. These days you might happen to catch her on Tatort or with her band Prag, in which she sings and plays guitar. The band, […]

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What I Read in 2014

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what i read in 2014

After last year when I read a measly two books, I knew I had to do better this year. Taking on one of those 50 books in a year challenges certainly isn’t for me. But for 2014 I had a specific strategy: take a bit of a break from German books. I read several English […]

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