BBA Challenge: Pain de Campagne


Pain de Campagne
I’m clearly losing my touch. I only just realized there was still another baguette variety in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice that I hadn’t made yet: Pain de Campagne. How could I have such an oversight?! Well, it’s an oversight no more and it’s another check on my to-do list of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. Pain de Campagne: done!

Like the French bread baguette, Pain de Campagne uses the Pâte Fermentée. Unlike the baguette, however, this variety of bread uses more bread flour and whole wheat or rye flour. I used whole wheat flour because it’s what I had in the pantry.

One thing I did do differently this time was proofing the loaves with the seams up. I didn’t seem much difference from it though. I’m still having issues with the loaves splitting in the oven during baking. It’s something I need to do some research on.

Otherwise this bread is fantastic. I think it could very well be my favorite baguette. The addition of the whole wheat flour really adds a lot of flavor to the bread. It’s really good.

Soundtrack: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “Tender Prey”

Pain de Campagne dough

Pain de Campagne loaves proofing

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