BBA Challenge: White Bread


Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge White Bread
Boy, I didn’t realize it’s been so long so my last attempt at a Bread Baker’s Apprentice recipe for “The Challenge.” But here I am again. This time with white bread. My original idea was to try making a couple loaves that I could use for the sandwich I take to work. Unfortunately, the bread doesn’t quite have the height that I’d like for making a sandwich but I think it’ll be fantastic for toasting with jam or Nutella. And would you believe I didn’t have a bread pan? And I call myself a bread fanatic…

Peter Reinhart offers three variations of white bread in BBA. I went with the third variation which uses whole milk. The process of making the bread is relatively quick and straightforward. It’s the typical fermentation and proofing stages that add on time. What I did like about the white bread is that there’s no super fancy forming. You shape the dough into a rectangle, roll it up like a cinnamon bun but seal it on each roll. That’s it. Then you pop it in the bread pan and let it proof.

Variation three was slightly different to the other two recipe options in that it creates a sort of “starter” sponge before forming the actual dough. But, unlike some of the other breads that require starters (like the baguette), it only rests for around an hour.

My loaves turned out OK. The bottom got much more burnt and tough than the top or sides of the bread did. This made slicing a little difficult. It also didn’t bake up as much as I’d hoped. Taste-wise it was good but not awesome. The butter in the dough was very apparent. Next time I’d try using less butter and see how it works out.

As I said before, I think this’ll be an awesome bread for toasting with some jam or Nutella.

White bread sponge

White bread dough

White bread ready to bake

Freshly baked white bread

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