BBA: Lavash Crackers


Lavash crackers
Ever since I noticed the recipe for lavash crackers in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, I’ve been intrigued. Amidst all the bread recipes — baguettes, sourdoughs, ryes, bagels, English muffins, and so on — there was a cracker recipe. It certainly got my interest and my attention. According to Wikipedia (take that with a grain of sea salt…), lavash is a type of soft flat bread. So the key to make the crackers seems to be on getting the dough as thin as possible and crisping it up. Yeah. It sounds easy.

I love the idea of making crackers in my home kitchen because I can really be aware of everything going into them. There’s no hydrogenated anything in these! The recipe, like most in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, has minimal ingredients. There’s the standard flour, yeast, and salt plus oil and the Middle Eastern nature of the recipe comes through in some honey.

I thought I had the dough thin enough but, like strudel dough, the thickness (or rather the thinness) matters. While the book gave a recommendation for the size to roll the dough out to, I now know you should just disregard that and try to get the dough as thin as possible. I ended up baking the crackers for twice as long as recommended just to try to get them to crisp up. Even then some were still a little chewy.

Another great part of making the crackers myself is I can put any topping or seasoning on them that I want. I went with sea salt. When seasoning, be more than generous. I thought I was being generous but I think the crackers could have used a lot more seasoning.

But let me just say, homemade crackers are great. I’ll definitely be making them again. They’re relatively quick and easy. Not to mention relatively healthy, too.

Lavash dough

Rolling out lavash dough

Lavash dough rolled out

Cutting lavash dough into crackers

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