The Bread Baker’s Apprentice’s NY Deli Rye


ny deli rye

Had I known that the recipe for New York-style deli rye bread from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice was as good as it is I would have made it years ago. Seriously. Sure, making the seed culture and barm take a significant of time and patience, but once you are there the hard part is really over. Making rye bread from the barm is a relatively straight-forward process. Oh, and the results are really tasty. To say that I am happy with the results of my homemade NY style deli rye bread is an understatement. I am simply thrilled. The recipe from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice is a sure-fire knock-out.

The primary change I made to the recipe is that I left out onions. If I were to make the recipe again — and I have immediate plans to do so — I would add more caraway seeds. I also would only bake the bread free form instead of using a bread pan. My bread loaf pan is just too small plus my dough did not really increase in size enough to mushroom over the top like the recipe calls for. Since I primarily use the rye for sandwiches, I prefer the free form loaf which got a little larger.

The resulting rye bread had a nice, dark brown crust and a chewy but soft center with great crumb structure. The bread also freezes great!

In both photos of the bread, I’ve included the Tojiro bread knife my husband’s recently acquired. While he can not seem to say enough about how great his new Japanese knives are, I’ve been somewhat indifferent. A knife is, to me, a knife. Until, that was, the rye bread. I have never been able to score bread dough so easily and cleanly nor could I ever slice bread so evenly. I’m convinced and converted.

loaf of ny style deli rye

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