Why You Should Be Watching Deutschland 83

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deutschland 83

Admittedly, I’m slightly late to the party here. If you haven’t tuned in for Deutschland 83 yet, so are you. But there is a quick solution: watch it. Usually, I approach anything remotely related to the German language under the guise of it being educational. (And who is to argue that making Spezi at home isn’t good for you?) And Deutschland 83 certainly is: filmed in Germany in German with German actors. But it’s also just unapologetically entertaining.
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Recyclable Fashion from Switzerland’s Freitag

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freitag f42 surfside 6

During my first visit to Germany in 2009, while visiting Berlin, everywhere I turned I saw people carrying these really cool, unique looking messenger bags. Those bags, I quickly found out, are by FREITAG. Clearly, this is no fashion or style blog. There are plenty of folks out there passionately blogging about clothing and accessories. However, I do love sharing things I think are special. FREITAG is one of those things.
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Reads of the Week: Taiwanese Oolong Tea, “Boring” Berlin Museums, German Art Laws, Kracht, UNESCO

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munich ticket stubs

Last weekend, I ended up going through a box of old keepsakes, so to speak, that I have. It’s a box of all the goodies I hoarded saved from our last trip to Germany. It’s a lot of fun going through the box and remembering everywhere we went, saw, and ate. It’s also good for comparison. I was going through the box looking for some information so I could use it to prepare for our upcoming trip. Can’t wait! Until then, my Reads of the Week….

Reads of the Week: Preserving Archeology, Refused, Ultimate Berlin Film

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valley forge tree with door

When I saw this tree in Valley Forge National Historic Park last weekend during a walk, I knew I had to snap a photo. The tree features, somewhat unexpectedly, a door. Although it was firmly closed — I’ll admit, I did try to open the door — it certainly creates a rather whimsical look. While the park isn’t as close as I’d like, it’s become my new favorite place for long walks. The dog sure seems to enjoy it, too.

Reads of the Week: Mystic Seaport, Curated Libraries, Tea Time, American German Beer

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lightning bug

Summer is officially here. Although it might be hard to tell with all the rain and seasonally cool temperatures that are being forecast for the weekend. Not that I’m complaining. At all. I prefer the cool weather. Or at least weather that’s not humid.

  • Mystic Seaport (which I visited last year while in Mystic) is expanding! They’ve released a new video on their blog of Thomas Exhibition Building. Architecturally the building takes great influence from the Mystic River, the sea and the ships at the seaport. It will be utilized as a “new showplace for exhibitions, experiences, and discoveries.” Can’t wait to see it when it’s completed!
  • I think I may have found my dream job. The BBC reports on Kinsey Marable, a man who curates private libraries for the wealthy using his proprietary lists of books for different rooms and themes. These aren’t just any books either. Often they’re special or desirable editions and, of course, the covers have to be visually appealing to complete the library’s aesthetic. Among his clients: Oprah Winfrey. Personally, I’d be satisfied if the German language books and the English language books in my home library had the text on the binding going in the same direction.
  • For those looking for a deal, Tea Time Magazine is offering a 20% friends and family discount on subscriptions. I’ve been reading their website and following them on Instagram and they’ve got a lot of tasty treats and interesting tidbits! The sale ends June 28th.
  • Drinking Becks in the States? Well that beer is more American than you think. Deutsche Welle is reporting that courts have found that the brand mislead consumers. The Becks sold in the US is brewed in St. Louis. Becks was founded in Bremen, Germany.

A Visit to Harney & Sons SoHo

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Harney & Sons SoHo Tea Shop & Tasting Room

When we traveled to Manhattan last month we did have one goal that had to be accomplished. It could not be missed. Visiting Harney & Sons SoHo Shop & Tasting Room. I fell for Harney teas after having their Paris blend with my delicious French toast at Cantine Parisienne, which sadly now is closed. I quickly placed an order and haven’t been disappointed yet. When we visited the restaurant last month, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have Harney & Sons‘ tea but some other French brand.
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