DIY: Horseradish from the Garden

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Horseradish and oyster crackers
Our kitchen smells like horseradish. For months, my husband has been talking about digging up some of the horseradish in the yard and making his own jar of the shredded root. And this weekend he finally made good on his “threat.” We didn’t plant it there, but my father-in-law noticed it growing next to our garage after we bought our home and made up a jar up for us. Since then, my husband’s done it once before. I thought it’d be a neat DIY to share and it’s about as close as I’ll get my husband to blogging. (If it were up to him, this post would be called “Exotic Cuisine From Your Own Yard.”)

He’s found from the research that he’s done that the best time to dig up the root — to get maximum flavor — is after the first frost. I thought it was interesting that he also commented he’d like to uproot the horseradish from its current location — which is kind of rocky — to a raised garden bed somewhere else in the yard.

Last time he did this, he shredded it by hand. This time, to save on time, he decided to use the food processor on a fine shred. The horseradish smells strong but I wouldn’t say it’s really overwhelming. At least not until it came out of the food processor. Whew! Was it strong then.

He spread the shredded horseradish on a baking sheet to maximize the surface area getting oxidation. This only takes a few moments. This is supposed to give it more of a kick.

After the horseradish is shredded, it gets placed in a bowl. For each cup of shredding horseradish, mix in 3/4 cups of white vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. When the vinegar mixes with the horseradish, the oxidation stops.

Once everything is thoroughly mixed together, it gets put into jars or containers. Next: enjoy! His favorite is oyster crackers and horseradish.

Horseradish from the garden
Peeling horseradish root
Peeled horseradish root
Shredded horseradish
Shredded horseradish with vinegar and salt

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