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It has arrived! It has arrived! After getting a concrete foundation pad poured a few weeks ago, we’ve had a large empty spot in our yard. The pad was of great interest to the animals, apparently. We’ve found deer tracks in the mud around it and our miniature schnauzer, George, has loved crossing over the pad and finding a good spot to sniff the air — after all, you never know when you might spot a rabbit or a squirrel.

The concrete pad is empty no longer. The garage has finally arrived.

While I offered a somewhat sad farewell to its predecessor, I can’t state enough how happy I am with the new garage. The new garage will serve as not only a place to park our cars but also a place for my husband to have a proper workshop area. No longer will there be short, brightly colored bits of plastic on the floor when wires are stripped! No more sawdust! But also no more husband working on his projects in the house: bummer.

Hand built by local Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen, the garage is prefabricated which means it was delivered in two pieces: the back of the garage and the front of the garage. The upper levels were hinged and folded down. Nearly everything they required for install: from the windows to the railings for the stairs to the doors were attached inside for transport. The pieces were delivered on a Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday it was fully assembled — almost. They did run short of roofing material and will finish that up this week. Not a moment too soon either: the unfinished roof allowed some water leakage during the weekend rain. Of course, in between Tuesday and Wednesday, I couldn’t help but “sneak” in and take some photos. Here’s a look at the in progress garage.

view of silo through garage roof beams


George peeks out a window

Roof beams

Wooden beams

George surveys from the garage

Roof beams

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