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insulating with roxul rockwool

As I write this, I can’t help but fear what this could become. These garage update posts could easily turn into quite a lengthy affair. “Part 301, the garage is finally done.” That’s if the work on the garage follows the progress we’ve made on our fixer-upper old home. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from having an old stone farmhouse it’s that insulation is important! That’s why my husband has taken insulating the garage very seriously.

Insulating the garage is important for numerous reasons, not least because we have no plans to heat the garage. That will, one day, be an important detail if you’re upstairs using the workshop. Although, admittedly, it’s also something that crosses your mind early in the morning when you get in the car to go to work.

We went with a two step insulation process. The first part saw us hiring a professional to spray insulating foam on all the walls and the ceiling. While expensive, it offers a great way to seal up any holes in addition to offering a strong insulating barrier.

The second part is the DIY part. It saw dozens upon dozens of bales of Roxul ComfortBatt stone wool delivered to our yard — I watched the poor delivery guy driving up and down our long shared driveway on two occasions, each time leaving us three pallets worth. ComfortBatt stone wool is similar to fiberglass but, among other things, it’s a bit easier to work with. It’s fire proof, resists water and rot, doesn’t support rodents plus it’s also made from natural and recycled materials. The manufacturer advertises that you can easily cut the batts with a serrated bread knife — and that was exactly what my husband did. Because the stone wool batts are roughly the same width as the gap between the wood beams, he was able to simply stuff the insulation in. For the ceiling, the insulation needed a little extra support against gravity. Using string, he was able to add a sort of webbing and then stuff the insulation in. Not bad, huh? Time consuming. But not bad!

If only retroactively insulating our house were this easy.

insulating the garage

roxul rockwool closeup

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