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george does doylestown

Did you have a good weekend? I hope you did. We had a lovely weekend with beautiful weather. On Saturday, we took a bit of a trip. We went to Doylestown so that my husband could get a haircut. But what made the trip different and interesting was that our miniature schnauzer, George, came along for the trip. Needless to say, he’s a little exhausted now.

Because we live in the suburbs — or, I suppose depending where you’re from, although we live in the suburbs — there aren’t many places you can take your dogs. It should be stated, that is changing in the United States. Traveling with dogs is becoming much more common and places are becoming more accommodating. But aside from trips to see family, to the local walking trail or a park or to the beach, George doesn’t get to see much of the world outside of our yard. But Doylestown is a dog-friendly town where you see a fair number of people out on Main Street with their pups.

So while my husband got his haircut, George and I encamped on a bench on the edge of the Mercer Museum. No post on that for now, but the Mercer Museum is definitely worth seeing if you’re in the area. In addition to being housed in fantastic architecture, the museum holds a collection of tools from the pre-industrial era as well as being home to the still-working Moravian Pottery & Tile Works.

So what did you do this weekend?

mercer museum

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