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Practice German with the films of actor Robert Stadlober.

Robert Stadlober is a talented guy who seems to be able do it all. Born in Austria, he is known primarily as an actor but he’s also a musician. He’s a member of the melodic pop rock band Gary. (Alas, their music is in English or it’d be a perfect feature for German music.) He even has worked as a director and film producer. While he’s still only in his mid-thirties, Stadlober has quite a list of credits to his name. Here is a recommendation of three films that Stadlober stars in that are in the German language. Watch, practice and enjoy.

Practice German with the film Engel and Joe starring actor Robert Stadlober.

Engel & Joe

Stadlober and actress Jana Pallaske star as teenage lovebirds Engel and Joe, respectively, in this 2001 film. She is a teenage runaway and he is a teenage punk rocker. It sounds like a romantic dream life where there are no rules and they depend only upon themselves. But the realities of life on the streets set in for the young lovers.

Practice German with the film Crazy starring actor Robert Stadlober.


Crazy is the big screen version of author Benjamin Lebert’s autobiographical book of the same name. Also starring Tom Schilling, the film features Stadlober as Lebert himself. Ben is a teenager struggling in school and suffering from partial paralysis. It’s a coming of age story. Consider Crazy a two-for-one and read Lebert’s book, too, for extra language practice.

Practice German with the film Sommersturm starring actor Robert Stadlober.


Stadlober also stars in another coming of age story, this one is Sommersturm, or Summer Storm in English. The film focuses on a group of teenage boys training for a rowing regatta. When another rowing team of gay teenage boys show up in the camp, the teams are forced to deal with one another and their differences. It’s during this time that Robert Stadlober’s character, Tobi, begins questioning his sexuality.

Practice German with the films of actor Robert Stadlober.

Practice practice practice! Discover other great German language actors and actresses previously featured.

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