12 German Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Germanophile


Searching for a gift for a discerning lover of Germany? I have just the gift guide for you! Here's 12 German gift ideas for your favorite Germanophile! #germany #travel #giftguide

Germany is known for its engineering but most of us can’t realistically gift our friends and family a German made automobile. But if you’re searching for a gift for a special and discerning lover of Germany, then I’ve got just the gift guide for you! I’ve gathered together twelve German gift ideas from food to clothing to entertainment. All of these ideas are personal picks that I can vouch for. Regardless of whether your German-loving friend or family member has been to Germany or not, they will feel like they have been with any of these great gifts.

1. Kaweco Fountain Pen

You can’t get much get much classier than a fountain pen. The Kaweco brand name goes all the way back to the late 19th century. Today they’re making a wide range of pens in a variety of styles and fun colors. My husband gifted me a mint colored Kaweco Sport Skyline to match his brass Sport and I love it. It’s a special piece that writes like a dream.

Available from Amazon: Kaweco Sport Skyline Fountain Pen

2. Leuchtturm1917

Whether your gift recipient likes to jot, doodle, sketch, schedule, notate or simply write, he or she needs a Leuchtturm1917. The brand name’s history goes back over 100 years to the Hamburg area. Today they manufacture notebooks and planners with a dizzying array of options from pocket sized with grid paper (my favorite) to bullet journals with brightly colored covers.

Available from Amazon: Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook

3. TeaGschwendner East Frisian Tea

For my money, Ostfriesen or East Frisian tea is the most German of all the teas. It’s a dark, rich black tea developed on the country’s blustery northern coast along the North Sea. East Frisian tea is an Assam tea that’s similar to a breakfast tea. Legend has it that the tea is so strong and dark because locals would simply rebrew the same tea leaves over and over and only add a small amount of new leaves. Today you can buy East Frisian tea from German tea brand TeaGschwender to brew at home.

Available from TeaGschwendner: East Frisian Leaf Blend

4. Dallmayr Coffee

If your Germanophile isn’t a tea drinker, maybe coffee is more his speed. Munich-based Dallmayr is known and respected for its high quality groceries and delicacies. You can visit their cafe for a meal or a pastry then shop their specialty market. And their coffee is especially popular. Dallmayr prodomo coffee is a premium blend of Ethiopian arabica beans. For an extra special gift, get the Dallmayr prodomo in a tin.

Available from Amazon: Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee in Blue Gift Tin

5. German Food Box

I think that the fine folks at German Food Box are solving an important problem. How to get all the delicious German groceries when you live in the United States? With German Food Box subscription service, each month you receive a curated box of German food goodies. Everything from snacks, mixes, sweets and more. They even include a German recipe in each box. I sampled a German Food Box earlier this year and found it’s really fun opening the box and not knowing what to expect inside.

Available from German Food Box

6. Lebkuchen Schmidt

For many in Germany, it isn’t Christmas until they’ve had Lebkuchen! The spiced soft cookies originated in the 13th century in Germany’s Franconia region. Today, they’re a popular specialty of Nuremberg. Lebkuchen Schmidt, based in the city, is the go-to place when you’re looking for Lebkuchen as well as other German baked goods. The company offers a variety of assortments and packs with many in beautiful tins with historic images. It makes for a really nice gift!

Available from Amazon: Lebkuchen Schmidt

7. Ritter Sport

Germany has no shortage of sweets to offer. Gummibears and marzipan are some of the most beloved. But you really can’t beat good old fashioned chocolate. You don’t even need to search for a small craft brand. Ritter Sport is a household name in Germany and with good reason. The company makes chocolate bars with all sorts of fun combinations. There are, of course, classics like Alpine milk chocolate and peppermint (both are favorites of mine) as well as more unique choices that see the addition of cornflakes or yogurt. I’d recommend a Ritter Sport sampler so your friend can try a few! (And maybe share with a thoughtful gift-giver…)

Available from Amazon: Ritter Sport

8. Liebeskind Berlin

Since 2003 Liebeskind Berlin (literally, “Lovechild Berlin”) has been spreading the cool and easy-going style that the German capital is known for. While they may have originally been known for handbags and shoulder bags, as of 2012 they have branched out with a ready to wear collection as well as more leatherwares. With their line of bags, accessories, clothing and shoes, Liebeskind Berlin is a perfect and unique gift for any woman.

Available from Amazon: Liebeskind Berlin

9. Fraas Scarf

German brand Fraas have been in the textile manufacturing business since 1880. Their soft, warm, high-quality scarves make for a special and thoughtful gift for anyone and for any occasion. Fraas is especially known for their cashmink, a play based on the fact that it’s a soft as cashmere but as shiny as mink. I love the made in Germany cashmink scarf I have: it looks classy, goes with nearly anything and keeps me nice and toasty!

Available from Amazon: Fraas scarves

10. Waldlaufer Shoes

Germans are known for being practical but they have a style that’s underrated, if you ask me. For over 60 years, German shoe manufacturer Waldlaufer has been making comfortable shoes that are fashion forward, too. From everyday shoes to boots and walking shoes, a pair of Waldlaufer shoes makes a great gift. I recommend the Dede Holma boots and Camile booties! The Mica Herne sneakers are great, too.

Available from Waldlaufer

11. German National Team Jersey

In case you haven’t heard, this summer soccer (or football, if you prefer) fans will flock to Russia for the World Cup. As reigning World Cup champs, the German national team is looking for a repeat — and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. A must for any fan is one of the Adidas-made replica team jerseys (or Trikot). The 2018 style is out now. If you’re looking for a less pricey option, a team scarf will satisfy even the most dedicated of fans!

Available from Amazon: 2018 German National Team Jersey and 2018 German National Team Scarf

12. German Thrillers

Since Tom Tykwer’s 1998 film Run Lola Run burst onto the scene, German cinema has had an international rebirth. Nowhere is that more obvious than with thrillers. Handling topics related to World War II, issues of privacy and the classic: good prevailing over evil, German television and filmmakers have released some exciting productions. Gift a couple German thrillers to your Germanophile. If her or she likes episodic pace, try Cold War drama Deutschland 83 or You Are Wanted, starring Matthias Schweighöfer. For films, go with Run Lola Run and the Oscar-winning The Lives of Others from filmmaker Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

Available from Amazon: Deutschland 83, You Are Wanted, Run Lola Run, and The Lives of Others

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