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For those of us who aren’t fluent in German, sometimes you need a good challenge. A good kick in the pants, so to speak. Vienna’s Voodoo Jürgens is just that challenge. It’s like the days before digital, when you sat down with your liner notes (whether vinyl or CD) and poured over the lyrics. But instead of deciphering the lyrics of your childhood, sometimes you just have to translate Wienerisch, the Viennese German dialect to Hochdeutsch.

Or, you can simply enjoy good music because it’s good.

Get to Know Voodoo Jürgens

Voodoo Jürgens is the stage name of 33 year old David Öllerer. Although he’s in Vienna now, he is originally from Tulln an der Donau, just northwest of the Austrian capital. He released several albums as part of the band Die Eternias on Seayou Records. The band released a self-titled album in 2010, then two years later they put out the Broken Bones EP and another album Sould Out. Notably, they also wrote and performed in English. Four years after the last album from Die Eternias, Öllerer is now making solo waves across the German speaking world with his music. 2016 was a big year for Öllerer.

Only months ago, he released his debut full-length release Ansa Woar. (If you aren’t quite sure what that album title means, don’t fret. Die Zeit newspaper admitted to using Google to “translate” the title to Einserware, or easy to use.) The album’s first single, Heite grob ma Tote aus (aka Heute graben wir Tote aus aka Today we dig up the dead) is a fun, loose romp that will have you playing it on a loop.

The other fun part about Voodoo Jürgens is that you have a cheat sheet available. If you aren’t sure on the lyrics, you can check the comments on YouTube. It’s not uncommon to see that someone has posted Wienerisch and Hochdeutsch transcriptions.

Fans of fellow Vienna musician Der Nino aus Wien will surely enjoy Voodoo’s music!

Listen to Voodoo Jürgens

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