DIY: Homemade Oreos


homemade oreos

It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to give my friend as a housewarming gift. No, not something “useful.” I’d bake something! This was the perfect excuse to try out the homemade Oreos recipe I saw a few months ago. A while ago, my friend told me she doesn’t eat both halves of an Oreo cookie. She takes the “lid” wafer off, eats the half with the icing and discards the other wafer. Personally, I thought it was sacrilege. So as a housewarming gift, I baked a batch of homemade Oreos. But instead of assembling them, I packed all the wafers and put the frosting in a separate container. That way, she can frost as much or as little as she wants and all the cookies get eaten. Assuming you still have frosting left by then.

As I seem to say quite often, the recipe was really easy. And it really was. The only concern I had was that there were no real wet ingredients in the wafers. Butter and a single egg. And after I added the egg and turned the mixer on for a moment, it had quickly disappeared into a desert of chocolate flour. I was concerned but I left the mixer on and sure enough after several minutes it finally came together.

Because there’s so much butter in the recipe, I found the easiest method for getting them onto the cookie sheet to scoop, ball in my hand then place on the parchment paper covered cookie sheet and smush a little. After than into the oven for the called for 9 minutes.

As for taste, I think I might actually prefer a real Oreo to this homemade version. And that’s not something I usually say. The frosting isn’t the healthiest (and that’s putting it lightly) but the taste and texture of the cookie as a whole was pretty good and pretty accurate.

dry ingredients...mixing......mixed!cookies ready for the ovenbaked waferscookies in action

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