Love Locks

Love locks on Köln Hohenzollernbrücke

Have you heard of love locks? I’m not sure the first time I encountered them but I’m pretty sure it was during our trip to Berlin. During our trip to Munich, as we trekked out of the U-Bahn towards the zoo, we crossed over the Spree and the bridge was covered in them.

So what is a love lock, you ask? It’s a regular padlock that a couple locks on to something as a symbol of their love. Sometimes couples write their names on the lock. Sometimes they get them engraved.

I’m not a girly girl and I’m not always the most outwardly romantic. But I think love locks are pretty neat. They’re not terribly common in the United States. For our first wedding anniversary, I found Lock-itz, an online shop in the US that engraves them and I had one made for my husband for the anniversary of our first date. Now it graces the mantel of the fireplace in our living room. I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to lock it on somewhere far away.

I did have the idea though that it could be a neat travel souvenir to get an engraved love lock in each city we travel to.

Have you attached a love lock to a bridge somewhere?

Photo by dbarreda.

2 thoughts on “Love Locks”

  1. I find a lock to be a terribly unfitting symbol of love. Especially if the lock is used as they do here in Europe where they lock it to a bridge and the throw away the key. Sound more like imprisonment than something to cherish.

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