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My Must See List: Pfahlbauten Museum

It only took a single trip to the Bodensee (that’s Lake Constance in English) a couple of years ago for it to steal my heart. Or maybe it was the scenic train ride to and from Munich. Regardless, there’s so much to see, do and explore on and around the lake that’s nestled between Germany, Austria and Switzerland near the Alps. One of those many things to explore is the Pfahlbauten Museum, an open air museum consisting of a village of stilt-homes on the lake. The dwellings are inspired by those dating from the Stone and Bronze Age. Located in Unteruhldingen in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg on the northwest shore of Lake Constance, the Pfahlbauten Museum is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The museum’s pile dwellings (Pfahlbauten in German) are reconstructions with the earliest originating from 1922. They are built, however, on the site of an actual settlement. The buildings are based on archaeological research although they have continually been updated since then with additional and more recent information.

Settlements like this one at Unteruhldingen can be found all over Lake Constance, as well as the Alps. According to the museum’s website, “about 100 settlements with about 400 previous settlements are known.”

There’s plenty to explore at this specific museum. This particular settlement at the museum site in Unteruhldingen consists of various reconstructions that have been built over time. One of the sections at the Pfahlbauten Museum includes dwellings from a German TV show from 2006 when a group of adults and children were “sent” back in time to live. The museum also has plenty of exhibits focused on families and children, including hands-on educational activities.

Well, until I get there, the Pfahlbauten Museum has a webcam to keep me entertained and admire the view of the buildings on the lake.

Photo from the Facebook page of the Pfahlbauten Museum Unteruhldingen Bodensee.

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