German Book Review: Kracht’s 1979

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Christian Kracht's 1979

After reading Swiss author Christian Kracht‘s debut novel Faserland I was hooked. While not overly simplistic by any means, Kracht writes novels that are challenging for a German language learner but aren’t overly complex either. I’m a loyal reader, a loyal fan, generally speaking. If I like the book an author has written — or […]

What I Read in 2014

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what i read in 2014

After last year when I read a measly two books, I knew I had to do better this year. Taking on one of those 50 books in a year challenges certainly isn’t for me. But for 2014 I had a specific strategy: take a bit of a break from German books. I read several English […]

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2012 Reading List: Was habe ich gelesen

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Last year I posted a summary of the books I had read throughout the year. I thought I’d do the same this year. It’s a fun round up and a great way for me to keep track of what I am and have read. In my list this year are the German translations of the […]