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Daffodils emerging
A few weeks ago, I got an email from my dad announcing that he’d planted some tomato seeds. “Already?!” I replied. But he was right. (Although it certainly didn’t feel that way when I was photographing the daffodils yesterday for this post!) It’s getting to be that time of the year to start seeds indoors. Depending on where you live and what you’re planting, you have to start now so that they’re ready to go out to the garden once it’s warm enough. Where did the time go?

This year, I’m going to attack the garden a little differently. After years of doing the same thing and seeing moderate success despite all the effort I put in, I’m determined to work smarter and not harder this year! This year I have two main goals I’m going to focus on: new seeds and focusing my growing.

Buy New Seeds

I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought seeds. I have a container of seed packets that I use year after year. Every year I’d notice fewer and fewer seeds germinating. Genius that I am, I couldn’t figure out why. Then last year it hit me: some of these seeds were packed for 2009! This year, I’m starting from scratch. We made a list of seeds we wanted and, at my husband’s suggestion, we purchased them online from Landreths’, the oldest seed house in America.

Gardening with Focus

I always want to try growing anything and everything. The problem is that I try to grow too much. But instead of having a beautiful selection of vegetables all summer to harvest, I end up losing my momentum by putting too much energy into plants that end up getting ignored. I love zucchini but we end up getting too many too quickly. This year I’m getting focused. I’ve narrowed what I’m planning on growing to things I know we’ll actually eat, such as sugar snap peas, corn, bell peppers. In order to make sure we have enough to actually eat, I’m planning to plant more of these things than I’d normally do. I’m narrowing and strengthening my focus.

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