Christmas Cookies, Part 1: Zimtsterne



Last year I made Zimtsterne (or “cinnamon stars”) along with sugar cookies to take to my parents’ for Christmas. I’d never heard of Zimtsterne before but I figured they were worth a shot: there’s few ingredients and I thought they’d be a great surprise for my lactose-intolerant mom. Well, the cookies didn’t turn out too well. They were more Zimtsteine (“cinnamon stones”) than Sterne; I think I didn’t grind the almonds finely enough. But this year, at my husband’s insistence (aka “if you made them, I’ll eat them”), I decided to give them another try but with a German recipe. After my latest attempt, I’m still trying to decide if it was a mistake. I’m starting to think that Zimtsterne are some master success of German engineering that I just simply can’t understand. Continue reading

Post by Corinne. Originally published December 23, 2011. Last updated July 14, 2018.