Must See List: Mont Saint-Michel



A friend of mine always teases me that St. Bartholomew’s Church in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria on the K√∂nigssee is merely a figment of my imagination. He attributes it to the pilgrimage church’s onion-shaped domes and picturesque location nestled on the lake and surrounded by the Alps. It is easy to understand where his joke is coming from. Others surely would identify King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein as a fantasy castle. Even Disney is said to have borrowed the castle as inspiration. And with its opera-themed rooms, it is a living, breathing poem to dreamers.

For me, however, the island Mont Saint-Michel earns the labels of fantastical and incredible. Located just over a third of a mile (only 600 meters) from land in Normandy, France, Mont Saint-Michel is cut off, part of the time, due to tide waters. It is like a castle rising from the water.
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Post by Corinne. Originally published March 14, 2016. Last updated February 24, 2019.