Travel Must See 2016: Japan to France and Beyond


Travel Must See 2016

Regardless of whether or not you have the ability and opportunity to travel, everyone has a bucket list, a dream collection of travel must see sites, places and cities. Each month, I highlight a different Must See that is on my own bucket list. In 2016 I managed to feature twelve vastly different sites. From the real Downton Abbey (aka Highclere Castle) to the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan to Mont Saint-Michel in France. Take a trip back through the past year. Travel and explore through the magic of the digital world. These are My Travel Must See List from 2016.

2016’s Travel Must See List

Where did you add to your Travel Must See list this year? And where did you get a chance to visit and cross off your List?

Looking for more Travel Must Sees? Explore previously featured locations!

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