5 Winter Getaways on the East Coast


Embrace the cold weather with these 5 winter getaways on the East Coast!

A winter getaway can be just the thing to lift those seasonal blues or shake up your routine. Just having something exciting to look forward to can do a world of good. Some winter travelers will be looking to embrace the cold and snowy weather. Others will simply put up with the chill for the sake of quieter crowds. But regardless of what kind of cold-weather traveler you are, there are some great winter getaways on the East Coast.

The key to winter travel is to be prepared. Check the weather and embrace whatever Mother Nature has planned. Pack a hat and boots just in case of unseasonably cold air or snow make an unexpected appearance. As you explore, consider some hot beverages as an excuse to get to know a local cafe or shopping area. You will be more likely to live like a local traveling this way. At least for a brief time!

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Post by Corinne. Originally published December 27, 2021. Last updated December 21, 2021.