Taking a Ride with Uber

Uber rider request

The last couple of times I’ve traveled to Manhattan I’ve ditched the awkward rides on the subway in favor of walking. In theory it sounds crazy but the island really isn’t all that large depending where you’re going. It’s great exercise (which means you can feel a lot less guilty enjoying food on your travels) and it’s a much better way to see the city. But when I started planning the trip to San Francisco I wasn’t quite as sure about walking the famously hilly terrain of the city. Would it just end up being too much? Would I end up with sore, tired feet and a grumpy attitude? Public transit for the places I was interested in seeing didn’t seem like much of a sure thing. I started considering taxi cabs, something I’d ordinarily never consider. That’s when my friend, who we were in San Francisco to see, recommended Uber.
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San Francisco in 48 Hours

san francisco

What a whirlwind weekend. We recently spent approximately 48 hours in San Francisco in order to attend the wedding of a friend of mine. Our flight took off bright and early at 6 am on Friday and we touched down back home late Sunday afternoon. I say that in the past tense despite the fact that I’m drafting this post high above the clouds. (Too bad United’s domestic flights don’t offer the free flight tracker like they do on international flights; love that feature!) This was the first time both my husband and I have been to San Francisco, or even California, so I wanted to share some of experiences.
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Frankford Hall: Philadelphia’s Biergarten

frankford hall

It really wasn’t that long ago that Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood wasn’t all that special. There were a couple of music venues and bars but there wasn’t much else. Those times have certainly changed. While the neighborhood isn’t quite bustling, it’s still pretty darn full of restaurants, bars, and shops as well as plenty of residences. It shouldn’t be surprising that things are looking up in the neighborhood given they’ve now, since 2011, got a restaurant from longtime Philly (and now NYC and Miami, among other cities) restauranteur Stephen Starr. Called Frankford Hall, the restaurant and biergarten fills a void in the city’s relative lack of German food. Admittedly, there are a couple others — namely Brauhaus Schmitz. After our recent trip to the Barnes Foundation, we made the trip over to Fishtown for a late lunch at Frankford Hall.
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German Music: Falco

falco by Curt Themessl

I suspect there are some who read this post’s title and cringed a bit. But you know what, sometimes you need a good pop song! (That’s coming from a sworn rock-n-roll-til-I-die person.) And the late Austrian singer Falco has delivered more than a couple of those. While those outside of the German speaking world might think the only Falco song they know is “Rock Me Amadeus,” they’d be wrong. Falco’s track “Der Kommissar” was a hit in the United States and the United Kingdom for After The Fire once the lyrics were translated and loosely adapted into English. Guilty pleasure? Maybe. But Falco’s unique lyric delivery and catchy hooks will help you to process and comprehend what you’re listening to. And rock out. That’s why this month’s German language music recommendation is none other than Falco.
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Museum Visit: Barnes Foundation

philadelphia skyline in the fog

With work, life, errands, household routines and so on, it’s not often that we make time to visit the local area outside of predetermined, pre-scheduled vacations. So it was a lovely little break on Saturday when we journeyed into Philadelphia, despite some cold and wet weather, to visit the Barnes Foundation and then enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at the Stephen Starr German biergarten-themed restaurant Frankford Hall (more on that in another post). Unfortunately, I think this is when I’m going to start sounding like some half-baked conspiracy theorist. Let me assure you that I am not. But, then again, isn’t that what you’d expect a half-baked conspiracy theorist to say?
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