Bavarian Brewery Tours

bavarian brewery tours
Ever since our last trip to Munich, my husband has been in love with German beer. Leave it to German beer to turn a non-drinker into a habitual beer-a-day drinker. So it only made sense, as I plan our next trip to the Bavarian capital, to consider some brewery tours. I wanted to share a list I’ve put together of some of the Bavarian brewery tours that I’ve found. Prost!

It should be noted, the information below is based on the information provided by each brewery on its website. Always visit the brewery’s website or contact the brewery to make sure the information is still accurate. If you’re planning on visiting with anyone under 16, be sure to check the brewery tour’s policy; many make note of only being open to visitors who are of the legal German drinking age for beer — 16.
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Museum Visit: Mashantucket Pequot Museum

Mashantucket Pequot museum

When I visited the Mashantucket Pequot Museum in 2005 for the first time it made an impression. The building is massive and the architecture featuring more windows than you can count is eye catching. The exhibits are interesting and well curated not to mention having elements of interactive technology to make learning hands on. While I may not be a casino girl, I certainly am a museum girl. And the Mashantucket Pequot Museum became a favorite. So as we planned our recent trip to Mystic, Connecticut, I was hesitant to visit the museum again. Would it still be as impressive? Or has it gone downhill in the intervening years? Luckily, I had nothing to worry about.
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German Music: Mega! Mega!

mega! mega!

While my general music preferences tend to be rather “moody,” shall we say, there’s something to be said about a high energy band with an infectious melody and lyrics you can’t get out of your head. And, from my experience, there is no better way to absorb the German language (or any foreign language, for that matter) than to have lyrics stuck in your head: you repeat them over and over, letting them sink in while you fully start to understand the meaning. This month’s German language music feature is one of the German bands that falls into that category for me. This month is Berlin-based indie rock band Mega! Mega!
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