German Music: K.I.Z.


If you are still looking for more German language rap after last month’s German music recommendation of Casper, you are in luck! But it comes with controversy. German rappers K.I.Z. are not shy about making a statement — whether it be in their lyrics, in their music videos or their live performances. Despite the controversy (or because of it), K.I.Z. are quite popular. Let’s get to know the Berlin group for this month’s German music recommendation!
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German Film: Ludwig Trepte

ludwig trepte

German actor Ludwig Trepte has not even reached thirty years of age and already has a lengthy list of credits to his name. By the time he was twelve he had already appeared professionally on television. Since then, his career has taken off. A large portion of Trepte’s screen time has been on the small screen: television. With appearances in such highly regarded serials as Deutschland 83 and Generation War (titled Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter in Germany). He’s also graced the silver screen with a large number of film appearances. This month, practice your German language skills with the television and film of Ludwig Trepte!
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Visit to: Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey

mitsuwa marketplace in edgewater new jersey

If you’re looking for a taste of Tokyo in the United States, it would be understandable to look to San Francisco’s Japantown. The Bay Area neighborhood is the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. But what about those of us on the East Coast? You would be forgiven for assuming New York City would be the place to be. The city does, of course, have a thriving Asian community. But for shopping you might want to look outside of the five boroughs. Instead, Edgewater, New Jersey’s Mitsuwa Marketplace is where you want to be.
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Must See List: Reykjavík


I was recently reading an article about Euro 2016, the upcoming European soccer championship. There was a complaint from a government group within Iceland regarding the use of the players’ last names on their jerseys. Traditionally in sports, athletes have their last name on their backs. But in Iceland, last names aren’t quite the same as they are in most Western countries. Where we traditionally adopt the last name of our father at birth, in Iceland people take their father’s first name and add a suffix — -sson for males, -dottir for females — as their last name.

It made me wonder about this almost mythically beautiful country that really isn’t all that far away. In the last couple of years, Iceland has become one of the world’s hot, trendy tourist destinations. And I, too, have been drawn and intrigued by its siren call. Which is why Reykjavík is on My Must See List.
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Visit to Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles


When we decided to meet up with my lovely German pen pal/friend on our last trip to Germany, a visit to Neuschwanstein seemed a natural choice. Somehow the famous castle that is seemingly on the top of every tourist’s Must See List just wasn’t a priority for me. Until last year. While Neuschwanstein Castle can be quite a hike to get to it is one of Germany’s most popular and recognizable tourist attractions. The castle is so desirable, in fact, that Walt Disney is said to have modeled Sleeping Beauty’s castle after it. If you have the opportunity, it really is an absolute Must See. But there is more to explore in the area than just Neuschwanstein!
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