5 Blogs in German That I’m Reading

reverberations tablet

Truth be told, I love following blogs in German not just for the educational aspect but also because I love to look at the photos and dream. With that said, it will come as no surprise to those who know me that several of the bloggers I follow are based in Munich. (Some dream of Paris, I dream of Minga.)

Regardless of where they’re based, blogs written in German can be a great way to practice your language skills. Most aren’t written at an extremely high reading level and aren’t too serious: both of which can be be discouraging when reading newspapers or classic literature. Academic-level texts can be so difficult.

Instead, with blogs, you get a peek into how people actually write and talk. And, depending on what the blogger writes about, you can get a really great feel for what is going on right when the “publish” button was pressed.

Here’s five German language blogs for a mixture of topics that you should check out!
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5 Fantastic Bagged Tea You Should Try

5 fantastic bagged tea to try

Loose tea is all the rage these days. Recently, I explored five great loose teas that you should be brewing up. But what about the old standard: bagged tea! We can’t forget our old friend. You can’t argue with the on-the-go convenience of bagged tea. And these days, tea drinkers aren’t limited to bland bagged teas that taste like cardboard. The market has exploded and expanded. To celebrate the rebirth of bagged tea, here are five fantastic bagged tea that you should try!
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German Music: Rapper Cro

German rapper Cro certainly isn’t the first musician to have a gimmick. His just happens to be a panda mask that covers the top half of his face, obscuring his identity. It features an upside-down cross drawn on the mask between the eyes. But while Cro might be considered a rapper, his music is positively poppy. Since the release of Raop, his debut full-length, in 2012, the young musician has been a star of the German music scene scooping up awards and topping the music charts. Let’s get to know Cro for this month’s German Music feature!
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German Films: Sibel Kekilli

sibel kekilli

If German actress Sibel Kekilli looks familiar, you might have just outed yourself as an astute Game of Thrones viewer. On the wildly popular American television show, Kekilli spent three years as the mistress to Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister. But before she was a regular in this violent, dragon-filled world she was making movies in her native Germany. Kekilli has performed in comedies with stars like Matthias Schweighöfer as well as serious dramas covering topics such as Turkish-German relations and the Holocaust.

This month’s German Films feature highlights three powerful films starring Sibel Kekilli: Fatih Akin’s Gegen die Wand, Die Fremde and Der letzte Zug.
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Must See: Christ the Redeemer Statue

christ the redeemer statue in brazil

There are certain landmarks that we take for granted. They’re simply there. But in reality they’re works of art. One of these landmarks is the instantly recognizable Christ the Redeemer (or Cristo Redentor in Portuguese) statue in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. With the Olympics in Rio fast approaching, this seemed like a great time to highlight this incredible landmark slash work of art on My Must See List.
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Memorial Day, Heatwaves, Prinsesstårta

prinsesstårta - princess torte

Long weekends are great — until they’re over! This past weekend offered a much needed break. And while everyone is loving the unofficial start of summer I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Mother Nature’s participation. It’s not even June and we’ve already had our first heatwave. That means we’ve had three or more days of 90 or higher degrees Fahrenheit. What can I say, I’m just a cool weather girl!

Regardless of the weather, I took to the kitchen to tackle a Princess Torte — or Prinsesstårta in Swedish — by special request of my husband for his birthday. You may have eaten a mini version of this detailed cake at Ikea or seen it as a technical challenge on the Great British Bake-Off. I used, of course, Mary Berry’s recipe and I have to admit I’m very pleased with my first time results. The cake is layers of sponge, raspberry jam, pastry cream, and a whipped cream dome. Finish it off by draping the entire cake in pastel green marzipan. It was super tasty!
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Philadelphia Museum of Art: From Rocky to Calder

philadelphia museum of art

The steps outside the east entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art are as far as some visitors to the city ever get to the museum’s impressive collection. Ever since Sylvester Stallone’s 1976 run up those steps in Rocky, tourists flock to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. They’re eager to retrace Rocky’s steps. They race up the steps, arms triumphantly raised. At the foot of the steps, along the street, visitors patiently form a line to get their photo taken with a statue of Rocky.
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German Music: K.I.Z.


If you are still looking for more German language rap after last month’s German music recommendation of Casper, you are in luck! But it comes with controversy. German rappers K.I.Z. are not shy about making a statement — whether it be in their lyrics, in their music videos or their live performances. Despite the controversy (or because of it), K.I.Z. are quite popular. Let’s get to know the Berlin group for this month’s German music recommendation!
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German Film: Ludwig Trepte

ludwig trepte

German actor Ludwig Trepte has not even reached thirty years of age and already has a lengthy list of credits to his name. By the time he was twelve he had already appeared professionally on television. Since then, his career has taken off. A large portion of Trepte’s screen time has been on the small screen: television. With appearances in such highly regarded serials as Deutschland 83 and Generation War (titled Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter in Germany). He’s also graced the silver screen with a large number of film appearances. This month, practice your German language skills with the television and film of Ludwig Trepte!
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Visit to: Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey

mitsuwa marketplace in edgewater new jersey

If you’re looking for a taste of Tokyo in the United States, it would be understandable to look to San Francisco’s Japantown. The Bay Area neighborhood is the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. But what about those of us on the East Coast? You would be forgiven for assuming New York City would be the place to be. The city does, of course, have a thriving Asian community. But for shopping you might want to look outside of the five boroughs. Instead, Edgewater, New Jersey’s Mitsuwa Marketplace is where you want to be.
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