German Film: Nora Tschirner

Nora Tschirner

As an actress, moderator, and musician Nora Tschirner does it all. After getting her start in the early 2000s as a moderator and VJ for German MTV, she transitioned to acting. These days you might happen to catch her on Tatort or with her band Prag, in which she sings and plays guitar. The band, by the way, released a new album entitled “Kein Abscheid” earlier this year. But that’s a feature for another day. Let’s focus for now on Tschirner as an actress with her roles in three fun comedy films: Kebab Connection, Soloalbum, and Keinohrhasen.
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My Must See List: Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul, turkey

It is often pointed out that Turkey has one foot in Europe and one in Asia as it bridges two continents across the Bosphorus Strait. The country’s also got one eye on the future and one still firmly looking at the past. The country of Turkey is a complex mixture of so many different influences, cultures and beliefs. While Ankara might be the country’s capital, it is Istanbul, the country’s largest city, that attracts. As a Westerner, it is difficult to not be charmed and enticed by both the exotic and familiar sides of the city. That is what puts Istanbul on my Must See list.
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Afternoon Tea at Rittenhouse Hotel’s Mary Cassatt Tea Room

pastries at the mary cassatt tea room

It was only several months ago that I discovered the tea world of the blogosphere. It didn’t take long of reading blogs — my favorites are Kathy Yl Chan and Oh How Civilized — to get my heart set on attending a proper afternoon tea. I mean, it’s tea and pastries — what’s not to like? After having a homemade afternoon tea “warm-up,” my husband and I made plans to go to the Mary Cassatt Tea Room at Philadelphia’s swanky Rittenhouse Hotel for my birthday. Did I mention tea and pastries? Because there’s tea. And pastries.
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German Music: Kraftklub


In all likelihood you are probably a far cooler person than I am. It is just the way it is. So you probably need some hipper music suggestions with which to practice your skills listening to German. I have highlighted a few younger, cooler bands. Take, for example, Austrian pop rockers Bilderbuch or the high energy Berlin-based Mega! Mega!. Another hip young band that is rather popular in the German speaking world right now is Kraftklub.
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German Film: Robert Stadlober

robert stadlober

Robert Stadlober is a talented guy who seems to do it all. The Austrian is known primarily as an actor but he’s also a musician. He’s a member of the power pop rock band Gary. (Alas, their music is in English or it’d be a perfect feature for German music.) While he’s only in his early thirties, Stadlober has quite a list of credits to his name. Here is a recommendation of three films that Stadlober stars in that are in the German language. Watch, practice and enjoy.
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