9 Great Day Trips from Munich, Germany

May 22, 2017

Munich, Germany serves as a great home base for great day trips around the region.

Munich seems to have it all. Great food, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, more castles than you can shake a stick at and friendly people. It’s also a wonderful location to serve as your home base if you want to explore Bavaria and the surrounding area. With great transportation connections and lots of interesting sites within an hour to three hours by train, it’s a no brainer. Here are my picks of the best day trips from Munich!

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How to Spend a Day in Philadelphia for Art Lovers

May 17, 2017

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must see for art lovers looking to spend a day in Philadelphia. More on Reverberations blog.

If you are a fan of the arts then the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection has a whole lot in store for you! Philadelphia has been the home and inspiration for countless artists such as Thomas Eakins, Alexander Calder (both Milne and Stirling), and Robert Crumb. The galleries and collections in the city are also incredibly impressive. This is both in terms of quantity and quality. It doesn’t matter if you prefer modern art, impressionism, or street art, the city has something for you.

If you only have a single day to see and experience the city and you love art, here are my recommendations for how to spend a day in Philadelphia!

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German Music: Pop Singer Mark Forster

May 15, 2017
German Music, Learn German

Practice your German language skills with pop singer Mark Foster.

If you listen to any German language radio then you likely have heard the name Mark Forster. His 2014 sophomore album, Bauch und Kopf, was a huge pop hit in Germany. The title track won the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2015. And he is known for serving as a judge on The Voice Kids.

Let’s get to know singer Mark Forster and practice your German language skills with his catchy pop songs. You’ll be singing along in no time!

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A Visit to: Maido Marketplace & Restaurant

May 10, 2017
Food, Travel

Maido Marketplace specializes in Japanese groceries.

It would be understandable to think that the go-to place for Japanese food or groceries in Philadelphia was in the city’s Chinatown. The neighborhood is a melting pot of cultures. But, consider that New York City’s go-to Japanese marketplace is Mitsuwa Marketplace located across the Hudson River in Edgewater, New Jersey. It turns out that Philly’s Japanese hot spot is in Ardmore at Maido, a marketplace and a restaurant.

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German Film: Alexandra Maria Lara

May 8, 2017
German Films, Learn German

Practice German with films starring Alexandra Maria Lara.

Romanian-German actress Alexandra Maria Lara is a familiar face both inside and outside of the German film industry. Born in Bucharest, Lara and her family fled Communist Romania in the early 1980s. The family eventually found refuge in West Germany. Today, she’s a well known and well respected actress in cinema. But not just in German films. You may have seen her in big Hollywood English-language films such as The Reader, the Ron Howard directed Rush, the Francis Ford Coppola directed Youth Without Youth, or the Anton Corbijn directed Control.

Lara has appeared in major German language films like Der Untergang and the recent Amazon original series You Are Wanted. Practice you German language skills with these three films recommendations featuring actress Alexandra Maria Lara.

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German Travel Phrases For Your Next Trip

May 4, 2017
Learn German, Travel

Before you travel to Austria or Germany, prepare with these German travel phrases.

With the summer vacation season fast approaching, you might have a trip planned for Germany (Munich, anyone?), Austria, Switzerland or parts of Italy. And if you don’t speak any German, you might want to learn some of the language. At least have a few phrases on stand-by. In my experience, locals always appreciate you trying to speak to them in their mother tongue. And believe me — I’ve said all the wrong things at all the wrong times.

But practice makes perfect! Sure, you might not use the exactly correct term or your pronunciation might not be perfect but just making an attempt goes a really long way. Trust me!

Here are a few German travel phrases and words that you’ll want to memorize before your next trip to Germany or Austria.

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Must See: Edinburgh, Scotland

May 1, 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland. Learn more about the city as a Must See Travel Bucketlist item!

Last month as I sat in the movie theater to see T2 Trainspotting I was reminded just how picturesque Scotland is. As viewers get to catch up with the characters created 20-some years ago by one of my favorite authors, Irvine Welsh, we are treated to some lovely shots. Indeed, I feel like I know Edinburgh already as most of Welsh’s novels are set in the city, albeit in rather working class areas. Whether it is the scenic park with panoramic views or a charming old city with cobblestone streets there’s something special about Edinburgh. That’s why Edinburgh is on my Must See travel bucketlist!

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German Music: Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids

April 24, 2017
German Music, Learn German

Music's a universal language so let's use music to practice the German language. Featured this month is Tom Schilling & the Jazz Kids!

Actors having bands is nothing new. And who can blame them? Everyone secretly wants to be a rock star. Prominent German actor Tom Schilling is no different. The popular actor has a band: they are called Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids. Just last week the group released their debut album Vilnius. And in May they’ll be hitting the road and paying their dues with plenty of live shows. Let’s get to know this new band and practice German language skills with music. This month’s German language music act is Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids!

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The Little Lion Brings Breakfast Weekdays to Old City

April 18, 2017
Food, reviews, Travel

Talk about delicious! The Little Lion's smoked salmon benny eggs benedict. Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood's growing fast: the new Museum of the American Revolution and now The Little Lion is serving breakfast.

Breakfast, so they say, is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true when you’re going to spend the day exploring Philadelphia‘s historic sites or, say, visiting the new Museum of the American Revolution. Really, it’s important even if you simply want to have a relaxing morning. And starting this week, Philly’s Old City neighborhood has a new option for a morning meal at The Little Lion.

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