Philadelphia’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

After dreaming a few months ago about visiting one of Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festivals, I made sure to schedule a visit to Philadelphia’s own version of the international event. Sakura Sunday is the closeout to a week of sakura, or cherry blossom, related events that take place around the city as part of the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. The Cherry Blossom event on Sunday takes place in a small section of Fairmount Park that includes the Shofuso Japanese House & Garden. The schedule includes traditional drumming, dancing, Harajuku fashions and more.
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Book Review: The Perfect Egg

the perfect egg book review

When I heard about the concept of Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park‘s new cookbook The Perfect Egg I was extremely intrigued. The book is a “fresh take” on egg recipes for “morning, noon, and night,” to quote the book cover’s byline. As someone who frequently returns home from work, tired and with little or no dinner ideas, I saw incredible potential in such a cookbook. While there might not be much else in the refrigerator some nights, there always seems to be eggs. As it turns out, my hopes for the book and the actual contents of the book are a little different. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
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A Visit to Reading Terminal Market


If you happen to find yourself in Center City Philadelphia, either as an out of towner, a visitor from the suburbs or even as a local, you have to make a trip to Reading Terminal Market. The large, indoor market has a lot going for it. It’s a central location where people from all over the region come together. It’s also full of wall-to-wall incredibly delicious food, super fresh produce, groceries and other goodies. It’s hard to argue against good food. With the market always seeming to be elbow-to-elbow crowded, it seems everyone agrees that Reading Terminal isn’t to be missed.
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German Music: Juli


If you like your music with a poppy, radio friendly sound and some girl power then this month’s German Music feature is just for you. The female-fronted pop rock band Juli write music in the German language that is easily accessible but with a bit of an alternative twist, kind of catchy and perfect to sing along to. What better way to practice your German language skills?
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Butter Cookies with Molded Chocolate

cookies closeup

I can’t even begin to express the delight I felt when I was browsing’s online store and I saw that they offered a kit for making butter cookies with molded chocolate. Ever since I discovered Bahlsen‘s Choco Leibniz from Germany and LU‘s Petit ├ęcolier from France, I’ve been wanting to make these at home. But how? And, more importantly, what are they called?! At one point, my husband had wild plans to have a special mold made so that I could make them. Well, that problem is now solved: there’s a kit for that.
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