Visit to Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles


When we decided to meet up with my lovely German pen pal/friend on our last trip to Germany, a visit to Neuschwanstein seemed a natural choice. Somehow the famous castle that is seemingly on the top of every tourist’s Must See List just wasn’t a priority for me. Until last year. While Neuschwanstein Castle can be quite a hike to get to it is one of Germany’s most popular and recognizable tourist attractions. The castle is so desirable, in fact, that Walt Disney is said to have modeled Sleeping Beauty’s castle after it. If you have the opportunity, it really is an absolute Must See. But there is more to explore in the area than just Neuschwanstein!
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German Music: Casper


The German language hip hop scene is big. While it might not be my area of expertise, what I can say is there is something for everyone. There is, of course, gangster rap. There is rap for the pop masses. There is old school style rap. Every last variety: from obscene to clever and back again. Last year German television host/comedian Jan Böhmermann teamed up with his show Neo Magazin Royale’s house MC Dendemann to highlight the history of German rap. I figured it was about time to highlight a rapper in the monthly German Music feature. There are plenty of German language students out there that who are into hip hop music. So, this one’s for you. First up is German rapper Casper.
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German Film: Michael Bully Herbig

michael bully herbig

This month’s featured German filmmaker is Michael Bully Herbig. Today the Munich born Herbig is writing, directing, producing and starring in many of the comedy films and television shows he makes. But in the early 1990s he got his start in radio with his particular sense of humor. His career has since skyrocketed and even gotten a family oriented twist. Herbig has done the voice-over work in the German versions of several animated films. Herbig took over for Robin Williams’ Fender in the German release of Robots and he also replaced the late voice-over actor Peer Augustinski as Tom Hanks’ Woody in Toy Story 3. Get ready to laugh and be entertained with this month’s German film recommendations for Michael Bully Herbig of Zettl, Der Schuh des Manitu and Wickie und die starken Männer.
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5 Loose Tea to Try

5 loose tea to try

While beer enthusiasts are busy trying every beer known to man, tea is more my speed. Tea has seen such a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Loose tea seems more popular than ever. Part of the fun of being a tea drinker is being able to try lots of different teas. No two taste the same and even ones that “are” the same, such as blended teas like your Earl Greys or Breakfast Teas, aren’t the same. The recipe or formula, if you will, for each blend is different. I wanted to share five loose teas that I absolutely love: Harney and Sons’ Viennese Earl Grey, Tay Tea’s Duchess’ First Love, Adagio’s Ceylon Sonata, Dallmayr’s Ostfriesien and Eco-Cha’s Organic Dong Ding Oolong.
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Must See List: Sagano Bamboo Forest

sagano bamboo forest

It was just about this time last year that I was daydreaming about welcoming spring by celebrating with the Cherry Blossoms. While I have not quite had a chance to see them in person yet, I have another Must See to add to my list if I ever happen to be in the neighborhood, so to speak.

The city of Kyoto is home to some of Japan’s greatest cultural treasures, according to UNESCO. There are more than a dozen locations in Kyoto city and the prefecture of the same name on their World Heritage Site. And I definitely tend to agree. One spot in particular has caught my eye: Tenryū-ji Temple. But the temple, while impressive in its own right, the neighboring Sagano Bamboo Forest that is on My Must See List.
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