German eBooks for Practicing Language Learning

Seven Years in Tibet

Reading newspapers, websites and magazines all the time can get tedious or boring, especially if you prefer to read fiction or aren’t interested in current events. That’s where eBooks come in. One of the amazing advances of technology in this digital age is the fact that you can now walk around with a huge library on your mobile device.

For German learners, that means an unlimited opportunity to practice your German skills with German eBooks. It doesn’t matter what format you’re looking for — epub, Kindle, PDF, HTML or something else — there are books available online that you can read. Admittedly, many of the texts are classics that are no longer under copyright. But there are also some sites that have more modern books: self help, technology and other educational texts. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Onleihe, which I recently featured. There’s something for everyone, you just may have to search.
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German Music: Die Toten Hosen

Die Toten Hosen

Regardless of your experience as a German language learner, if you’re into rock or punk then you’ve likely heard of Die Toten Hosen. The punk rock band are internationally known despite the fact that their music is chiefly in German. The music of Die Toten Hoten is exactly what you’d expect from a popular punk rock band: it’s high energy, catchy and, simply put, fun. If you’re looking for a German language band to sing along to to help you practice your German skills, Die Toten Hoten might just be the band for you.

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Citrus Cocktail: Mandarin Ginger Inspired by Morimoto

Ginger ale for homemade mandarin ginger

Earlier this year, when we were at Morimoto’s restaurant, I had a delicious mixed drink. A delicious non-alcoholic mixed drink. The restaurant calls it a mandarin ginger — it’s mandarin orange juice, ginger ale and candied ginger. I’ve been thinking about that drink a lot recently so I decided to try whipping one up at home. I’m quite pleased with the results!
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German Films: Matthias Schweighöfer

Matthias Schweighöfer

You might already be familiar with Matthias Schweighöfer if you’ve seen English language films like The Red Baron or Valkyrie. While the German actor has taken on serious roles in those films, he’s transitioned in recent years to lighter roles in which he not only stars but directs. Schweighöfer is nothing else in these comedy roles but fun and infectious.

Before our trip to Munich, my German tutor insisted that we go to see a German movie in a theater. There’s just something about seeing it on the big screen and having loud, clear surround sound that makes comprehension a little stronger. We ended up at What a Man and boy was it a great experience. Schweighöfer has had a special place in my German film loving heart ever since — a perfect for the German Film feature.
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German Reading Practice with Onleihe

German reading practice

When I was taking regular weekly German lessons, I think the turning point in my experience was when my tutor encouraged me to try reading novels. Admittedly, she suggested a children’s book — The Island of Blue Dolphins — which she provided by way of a copy in English and a copy in German. It took me quite a while to get through that first book but it gave me the confidence and the motivation to keep trying. In the past couple years I’ve probably read a dozen or so books in German and I love it. It’s a great way to get some German reading practice and it just has a different feel to surfing German language websites. But depending on where you live, access to German language books can be difficult and potentially expensive. Or so I thought until I found Onleihe.
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