Support & Save: Reciprocal Museum Membership


The Philadelphia Museum of art offers reciprocal museum membership, where you can support the arts and save some money when you travel.

Whenever my husband and I travel, it is a foregone conclusion that we will go to the art museum(s) in the city. I like art. He likes art. It makes sense and we enjoy it immensely. And it is by way of our love of art museums that I have found a great way to save money visiting museums with a reciprocal museum membership. Art museums can be expensive despite being well worth the cost. With a reciprocal membership, we’re able to enjoy admission to museums across the country without opening our wallets. (Except to show our membership cards, that is.)

Not only that, but a museum membership is a great way to put your money where your mouth is and support your local museums!

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Your Guide to a Fun Summer in Philadelphia


Celebrate summer in Philadelphia with a visit to LOVE Park.

Let’s not mince words: Summer in Philadelphia is hot and humid. While many Philadelphians will spend the hot summer months going “down the shore,” the city still has a lot going on. There are countless activities, events, and festivals you can enjoy outside in the City of Brotherly Love while temperatures slowly cool off and the sunset takes a leisurely pace. You can certainly expect the historic sites and museums to be full of tourists, but don’t let it put you off. Summer in Philly can be so rewarding!

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Learn German with Music of AnnenMayKantereit

German Music, Learn German

Learn German with the music of AnnenMayKantereit!

German singer Henning May’s voice makes his band AnnenMayKantereit almost instantly recognizable. Upon first glance, it is surprising to hear such a deep and rich tone emerge from such a young man. When May’s voice is combined with the light, memorable melodies on piano or guitar, it is easy to see why the band has found great success in the German-speaking world. (And they are not afraid to do some English language music, too. But we language learners will stick to the German tunes, right? Right!)

And it is a good thing that AnnenMayKantereit is so recognizable because their music is so popular you seem to hear it everywhere. The German group can be found on television, radio and everywhere in between.

So this month, let’s set toes tapping and learn German with the music of AnnenMayKantereit!

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Learn German with Films of Tobias Moretti

Learn German, German Films

Learn German with the films and television of actor Tobias Moretti.

Austrian actor Tobias Moretti is truly a jack of all trades. He began his career as an actor on the stage but he has mastered performing on both the big and small screens (that is, cinema and television). He can portray “the bad guy” impressively, sending chills down your spine. But Moretti can also bring a smile to your face in a clever comedy. So this month, let’s learn German with the film and television roles of Tobias Moretti!

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Dublin Airport US Preclearance Guide


Heading to the plane after Dublin Airport US Preclearance.

One of the worst parts of international air travel is coming back home. And by that, I don’t even mean the fact that your international adventure is over. (Although, let’s be real. That isn’t easy, either.) No, what I mean is that you arrive back in the United States only to stand in line for who knows how long, reeling from jetlag, in order to clear customs and immigration.

But international travelers flying into the United States from Dublin are required to complete Dublin Airport US Preclearance. You read that right: air travelers pass through United States customs and immigration before even leaving Ireland…or even Europe! While Dublin preclearance still requires you to wait in line, it gets the immigration check out of the way early.

This is especially relevant to travelers taking advantage of direct flights to Dublin with Aer Lingus. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than arriving at your home airport after hours on an international flight and being able to simply go home without any extra checks. While this guide is generally for those with US citizenship, it also applies to international visitors, too.

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Best German Podcasts You Need to Hear

Learn German

Learn German on your schedule with the best German podcasts. Check out German podcasts for beginners, news, music, comedy, and more with these free German podcasts.

Learning German is all about practice. Whether you are driving to work in your car, out for a jog, or just cleaning around the house, listening to German podcasts is a really great way to pass the time and flex those language learning muscles in your brain. And, of course, there are podcasts for every taste and skill level. If you are looking to catch up on current events or just have a laugh, there are news and comedy podcasts. Maybe your interests lie in discovering new music? Perhaps you’re looking to be drawn into a true crime story. Looking for German podcasts for beginners? I’ve got you covered!

I have pulled together more than a dozen of the best German podcasts that German language learners will want to check out. And, as an added bonus, most if not all of these offerings I’ve listed are free German podcasts that you can enjoy without reaching for your wallet.

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Learn German with Rock Music of Falco

German Music, Learn German

Learn German with the music of Austrian pop rocker Falco!

Although pop singer Falco died more than two decades ago, his legacy lives on in today’s Austrian pop music scene. Bands like Wanda and Bilderbuch capture the late musician’s confident swagger, not to mention they serve up incredibly memorable tunes sung in a mix of the Austrian-German dialect. Many will know Falco for the worldwide hit “Rock Me Amadeus.” But who was Falco? This month, let’s explore the pop rock music of Austrian singer Falco and practice the German language.

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Learn German with Films of Jürgen Prochnow

Learn German, German Films

Learn German with the films of actor Jürgen Prochnow!

Whether you watch English language films or German language, longtime actor Jürgen Prochnow probably looks familiar. He has been a dictator in 1997’s Air Force One, the bad guy in 1987’s Beverly Hills Cop II, and as a duke in 1984’s Dune. But Prochnow is an accomplished and respected actor in his home country, too. He has had starring roles in important and memorable German language roles.

So this month let’s learn German with the films of actor Jürgen Prochnow (Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum, Das Boot, Der Bulle und das Mädchen)!

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Cherry Blossoms to Baseball : Spring in Philadelphia


The western side of the Philadelphia Museum of Art is framed in Philadelphia cherry blossoms.

“April showers bring May flowers,” as the old saying goes. And any visitor wanting to experience spring in Philadelphia will take heed from the proverb. But don’t let a little rain scare you off, there is so much on offer!

After months bundled up inside, worrying about the possibility of snow and ice, Philadelphia awakens in spring. Warming weather brings gardens across the region to life. Philadelphia in spring means lots of festivals taking advantage of the outdoor weather, including a Philadelphia cherry blossom festival.

Oh, yes, there is so much to enjoy in the City of Brotherly Love come spring!

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13 German Comedians Who Show Off German Humor

Learn German

Practice your language skills with these 13 German comedians. From stand-up to satire and impressions, German humor is for everyone.

When you think about Germany, German humor is maybe not the first thing that springs to mind for most people. Generally, people think perhaps of fast cars or good beer. But comedy? No way. Nein danke. In fact, many would go so far as to say the Germans do not even have a sense of humor. And that is obviously not true. When it comes to comedy, I think Germany is vastly underrated and underappreciated. That is why I am highlighting thirteen German comedians to help disprove the stereotype. German humor does exist!

For someone trying to learn the language, comedy is also a great way to practice and learn about the culture, too. And just like with German-language music or films, there is something for everyone. The list includes German stand-up comedians, satirists, cabaret artists, and impressionists, among others whose German humor you can experience in the German language. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled.

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Learn German with Voodoo Jürgens’ Austropop Rock

Learn German, German Music

Learn German with the music of Austria's Voodoo Jürgens!

For those of us who are not quite fluent in the German language, sometimes you need a good challenge. It is like a good kick in the pants, so to speak. Vienna, Austria’s Voodoo Jürgens is just that challenge.

In the days before this digital world in which we live, music fans had to decipher lyrics from liner notes. We would pour over the backs of record sleeves or the booklets inside of CDs. Today, you can generally do a simple web search to find out the text to a song.

I mention all of this because Voodoo Jürgens sings in a Viennese dialect (Wienerisch) of the German language. If you study standard German, or Hochdeutsch, Voodoo’s tunes can be a little challenging, to say the least. But with infectious melodies, confident delivery, and compelling storytelling, the challenge is completely worth it. (At least I think so!)

So this month, let’s take on that challenge and learn German with the music of Voodoo Jürgens!

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Learn German with Films of Til Schweiger

German Films, Learn German

Learn German with the films of actor Til Schweiger!

It is difficult to think of a German actor who has more of a toehold on Hollywood than Til Schweiger. His English-language credits include Inglorious Basterds, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Muppets Most Wanted, King Arthur, and SLC Punk!. Conquering Hollywood isn’t a battle that Schweiger needs to fight. Back home in the German-speaking world, Schweiger is a bonafide movie star who also writes, directs, and produces. He does it all.

Wikipedia names him as “one of Germany’s most successful filmmakers.” And Schweiger has even drafted his children into the family business, so to speak, by giving them roles in several of his movies. Til Schweiger has become so popular in Germany because his films are likable and crowd-pleasing. What better way to practice German? So this month, let’s get to know Til Schweiger and practice German with a few of his films!

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