5 fantastic bagged teas to try

5 Fantastic Bagged Tea You Should Try

Loose tea is all the rage these days. Recently, I explored five great loose teas that you should be brewing up. But what about the old standard: bagged tea! We can’t forget our old friend. You can’t argue with the on-the-go convenience of bagged tea. And these days, tea drinkers aren’t limited to bland bagged teas that taste like cardboard. The market has exploded and expanded. To celebrate the rebirth of bagged tea, here are five fantastic bagged tea that you should try!

harney and sons japanese sencha bagged tea

Harney & Sons’ Japanese Sencha

High quality green tea can be expensive. Harney & Sons’ bagged Japanese sencha is fantastically balanced. It’s perfect for any mood: when you want something relaxing or just a pick-me-up. And while some bagged teas don’t re-brew well, this one does! It might not seem like much but for busy people on the go or at work, being able to steep a bag again is a big time saver.

mighty leaf organic breakfast tea

Mighty Leaf English Breakfast Tea

One of the things I love about Mighty Leaf teas is that they use whole tea leaves. While bagged tea is traditionally disparaged for being more processed than loose tea, Mighty Leaf use whole tea leaves even in their bagged teas. The result is a large tea bag that seems empty, but after brewing expands to fill their artisan tea pouches. With Mighty Leaf, it’s difficult to tell the difference between their loose and bagged tea. The English Breakfast is finely balanced to not be too strong and be very flavorful.

ajiri roibos tea

Ajiri Roibos

Although rooibos as a red tea is technically an herbal tea, don’t hold that against it. Ajiri Tea offer a great Rooibos but they also work for a great cause. The family-run business works directly with women in Kenya to produce the elaborate and artistic packaging. Then 100% of net profits pay school fees for orphans in Kenya. Oh, and the tea is pretty darned good.

belin sauberer forest fruit flavored tea

Belin’s Forest Fruit Flavored Fruit Tea

When some Polish tea bags showed up at work, I knew I had to give the tea a try. While I still don’t know who brought the tea in, I have to thank them. My general preference is black tea either strong like a breakfast tea or flavored like an Earl Grey. Belin’s Forest Fruit Flavored Fruit Tea brews up to a rich red color and a delicate taste. The brew contains blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, hibiscus flowers and more.

ahmad tea english tea no 1 bagged tea

Ahmad English No. 1

London-based Ahmad Tea offer plenty of delicious teas. But it’s there English Tea No. 1 that has caught the attention of my household. This black tea has hints of bergamont for a tea that isn’t quite as strong as an English breakfast tea but not as fragrant as an Earl Grey. Drink up!

5 fantastic bagged teas to try

Those are just five bagged tea to try. There are lots more. What’s your favorite bagged tea?

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