From the United States to Germany and back again, explore these travel posts!

Love Locks

Have you heard of love locks? I’m not sure the first time I encountered them but I’m pretty sure it was during our trip to Berlin. During our trip to Munich, as we trekked out of the U-Bahn towards the zoo, we crossed over the Spree and the bridge was covered in them.

Take Note

I grew up being taken on enough road trips and day trips to know that my mom’s probably got notes for the mileage between many of them. She probably also has notes on rest stops, restaurants, and other general landmarks in addition to directions. It’s probably partially due to her incessant note taking that sparked …

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Patchwork: Collecting Travel Souvenirs

Last December when I took a pastry lesson, one of the instructors admired my purse. “That bag’s with a whole lot of history,” she said. Or something to that effect. I’d never really thought about it before but she was completely right. My bag does have a whole lot of history.

Trail Mix

For the past couple of months we’ve been taking long, really long, walks on a nearby trail. It runs parallel to the river at times while at others it cuts through marshes or past fields of soybeans. It’s really lovely and our dog loves it. Even though it’s exercise, it offers a nice break from …

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