Prince Edward Island

On My Must See List: Prince Edward Island

When I think of Prince Edward Island, I think of Anne of Green Gables. I grew up reading Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series of books about a precocious red-headed orphan who was adopted, reluctantly, by an older brother and sister. (Or maybe it was my personal belief that Anne is only spelled properly with an “e” on the end…) I think of Avonlea and the made-for-tv movies that showcased Anne and her isle in all its small town glory. Ever since I read those books, especially as I’ve gotten older, I’ve always held onto the thought that maybe, just maybe, one day I might find myself on Price Edward Island. It’s definitely on my must see list.

Prince Edward Island might come to mind for their mussels but the small island — about the size of Delaware and just off the eastern coast of Canada — has a lot more going for it. Sure there’s plenty of agriculture, including potatoes, but there’s more.

You want Anne of Green Gables: you got it! There are a number of Anne of Green Gables-related sites to tour. You can visit the Green Gables Heritage Place, where you can meet Anne and interact with the villagers, all in character, at the famous green gabled home. The government recognized site has plenty of activities for children but also tours that will be of interest to all ages including reenactments and antiques. Or walk the streets of Avonlea Village where more costumed characters are there to interact and entertain. If you’re really hooked on Anne Shirley there are even musicals you can attend, like Anne & Gilbert. In addition, you can visit L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish home, also recognized as a Canadian national historic site, and an Anne museum.

Prince Edward Island also has plenty of active things to do in nature. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy, scenic heritage trails to walk and drive, lots of opportunities to bird-watch and simply enjoy the great outdoors plus over 50 lighthouses to see. Of course, there’s also plenty of fresh seafood. The island offers a chance for visitors to participate in a clam dig or go hunting for lobster. It doesn’t get much more fresh than that!

Photo courtesy TourismPEI’s Flickr.

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