Practice German language with the music of singer-songwriter Ansa Sauermann.

German Music: Singer-Songwriter Ansa Sauermann

If you like being on the cutting edge and knowing all the latest bands, then Ansa Sauermann is someone who will interest you. The Dresden-based singer-songwriter has a brand new album. Weisse Liebe hit store shelves (or whatever the digital equivalent is) on Friday, August 18th. Let’s get to know this up-and-coming musician and practice your German language skills!

Sauermann’s Sound

Sauermann’s style is pop rock. But that’s too simply put. His voice has a raspy edge that gives him more personality and character. There is a bluesy influence that shines through his thoroughly rock sound.

Weisse Liebe

Ansa Sauermann might be new but it is likely he might disagree with that. He has been working on his album for at least the last five years. And while Weisse Liebe is his debut full-length, Sauermann has released several EPs. Consider them samplers teasing listeners in anticipation of Weisse Liebe. His first, Foto, was released in 2014. But it was this past November’s Reise that previews tracks from the then forth-coming debut album.

His single “Geist” seems perfectly made for German radio with its familiar and driving melody. Similarly “Reise” is an upbeat pop tune to get you dancing. He closes Weisse Liebe with the gentle, delicate “So weit.” The slow burning track builds as it goes and transforms into a melodic power ballad accompanied by strings. It’s kind of hard not to like Sauermann.

Sauermann On Tour

If you want to see Ansa Sauermann and his band live in concert, you will have to wait a little longer. Until fall, to be specific. His website says his next gigs won’t be until the October/November time frame. But good things come to those who wait, right? Save the date!

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Practice German language with the music of singer-songwriter Ansa Sauermann.

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