The music of Austria's Granada is a great way to practice your German language skills!

German Music: Austria’s Granada

There is a German language music revolution happening but it isn’t in Germany. Just south of the border in Austria, the pop bands performing music in the German language just keep coming. Graz based Granada are one of the newer bands in the Austrian music scene. The five-piece have only just released their self-titled debut album. Get in on the ground floor, so to speak. This month’s featured German language music recommendation is Granada!

About Granada

While Granada might only be just releasing their debut album, they aren’t new to the music scene. Thomas Petritsch fronts the band. He has already released a couple of albums under the name Effi. For Granada, Petritsch is joined by band mates Lukacz Custos, Alexander Christof, Jürgen Schmidt and Roland Hanslmeier. But where Effi’s music was in English, Granada sees Petritsch opt for the German language. Their self-titled debut has only just been released but the band is receiving plenty of positive attention. German and Austrian press have been featuring the band. They will be going on tour with Germany’s Sportfreunde Stiller in November. Not a bad way to end the year.

The Music

With high energy, fun pop music accompanied by clever, highly choreographed music videos a comparison to an English language band like OK Go would not be too far fetched. Take their tracks “Palmen am Balkon” or “Pina Colada,” for example. Winter might be fast approaching but these Austrians are hoping to keep the summer feeling year round and get you dancing in your living room. On other tracks, however, the band will throw you for a loop. Dialect creeps in to the music. They even toss in a German language cover of the Billy Joel song — what else? — “Vienna.” The Granada version is “Wien wort auf di.”

Get to know Granada and their self-titled debut album. Why not practice your German, too, while you are at it? One day you will be able to say you have been a fan since day one.

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Music is a universal language so let's use music to practice the German language. Featured is the new pop band Granada from Graz, Austria.

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