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One of the things that I love about music is that when you find a band you like, you can find another band you will like. Every band is like on a piece of string in a big ball and you pull the string and there is always something else. The string is endless. Sometimes it is because bands share members or speak publicly about their admiration for another, sometimes it can be because the bands are on the same record label. In the case of this month’s German language feature Der Nino aus Wien (aka Nino from Vienna), I was introduced to them via their Problembär Records label mates (and, more importantly, fellow German Music feature) Wanda.

I say “them” but at the heart of Der Nino aus Wien is der Nino himself: frontman Nino Mandl. His partners in crime, so to speak, are pauT on bass, David Wukitsevits on drums, and Raphael Sas on guitar, who is also on the Problembär roster as a solo artist.

2008 saw the release of The Ocelot Show, the first full-length release from Der Nino aus Wien. Since then, there have been five additional full-length releases and a single 7″ release. In addition to that, Der Nino has most recently collaborated with Austrian singer/songwriter and writer Ernst Molden on the 2015 album Unser Österreich. It was the duo’s beautifully simple and stripped down cover of Falco‘s “Ganz Wien,” from their recent album, that first turned me to the musicians.

It is difficult for me to pin down and find the words to describe exactly what Der Nino aus Wien sound like. Despite having a thoroughly consistent sound from track to track and album to album, their songs inspire a variety of adjectives. There are moments of rock, lo-fi, ’90s indie, acoustic singer/songwriter, touches of the traditional…the band even bring a rapper into the fold for the song “Abtauen Girl” from 2014’s Träume. The Amadeus Austrian music awards once nominated them for best “alternative” band. Regardless of the label you put on the style, the tone of the songs are clear. They are adventurous, humorous and always, always exhibit a fearless attitude. As with those other notable Austrian musicians I already mentioned, Mandl incorporates Viennese and Austrian dialect into the lyrics, as evidenced by songs like “Du Oasch” from 2009’s Down in Albern. His vocal delivery won’t be rushed; it’s a slow drawl.

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Above photograph by Pamela Rußmann.

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