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Learn German with the music of Vienna, Austria's Wanda!

When Vienna, Austria’s Wanda burst onto the music scene in 2014 it was seemingly out of nowhere. But before the end of that year, the band had a huge hit on their hands with the infectious single “Bologna.” Today, the band has four albums under their belt — all of which went to the top of the charts in their home country and most broke into the top five in Germany. So this month, let’s tune up our German skills and learn German with the music of Wanda!

About Wanda

Wanda was formed in the Austrian capital of Vienna in 2012. The lineup is largely unchanged from those early days. Wanda is frontman and sometimes guitar player Marco Wanda, guitarist Manuel Poppe, keyboardist Christian Hummer, bass player Ray Weber, and drummer Lukas Hasitschka. I say “largely unchanged” as Hummer briefly sat out some live shows in 2018 to deal with hearing problems.

In the short period of time since their founding, Wanda has certainly found success. It’s an unlikely story that many bands who have worked for years will envy. If music awards are any indication, the band has been recognized, in particular by the Amadeus Awards, for their accomplishments.

Music of Wanda

To date, Wanda has four albums under their collective belt: 2014’s Amore, 2015’s Bussi, 2017’s Niente, and most recently in September 2019, Ciao!

Wanda is a blending of sounds and styles. The group draws clear inspiration and influence from classic rock. But they repackage it for a modern era. The loose, sometimes wild, Marco fronts the band channeling the spirits of Jim Morrison and Falco. He does all this while managing to hang on to one of the band’s trademarks: their Viennese dialect. While not thick, it is noticeable and part of a newer wave of Austrian bands (like Der Nino aus Wien) not losing the unique charms that make them special.

While it was “Amore” that helped Wanda capture the ears and hearts of music listeners, and rightfully so, the band has had a string of singles that have kept them relevant. In an age where bands with guitars are dying out, Poppe manages to keep tracks electrifying, especially with his solos.

With a brand new album, you won’t be surprised to hear that Wanda will be playing a number of shows in the coming months. In fact, they already have tour dates lined up ahead of them. Catch the group in person and get swept away!

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