Learn German with the music of pop duo Blumengarten!

Learn German with Music of Blumengarten

The term “overnight success” is often overused. In the music industry, frequently, it is applied to artists who have in reality been slogging away at it for years. They have been playing shows in small bars and clubs and working their way up the ladder. But for Blumengarten, the pop duo from Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, the term overnight success might genuinely apply.

Within just a few years of forming, the pair released two EPs and their debut album. That initial full-length release won them multiple awards.

Now is the time to get to know Blumengarten and learn German with music!

Get to Know the band Blumengarten

Blumengarten is singer Rayan Djima and producer Sammy Eickmann from Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The two met in school as teenagers when Eickmann was just starting out producing music. But it was not until 2020, after obtaining their Abitur, that the pair reconnected and started to make music together. By 2021, they had officially formed Blumengarten!

Music of Blumengarten

In 2022, Blumengarten released their debut EP, Sag deinen Freunden, dass du sie liebst. The three-track EP opens with the bright and bouncy “Wohin du willst” while “Paris Syndrom” is a delicate ballad that reminds, at times, of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” The EP hints at just how in control Djima is of his vocals. Commanding yet with a soft edge, he grabs your attention with gentle melodies and sometimes touches of artistic auto-tune. “Tisch für zwei” is one of the fewer upbeat tracks with a melody that swells and pulls you in.

The following year, the two released their second EP, the optimistically titled Versprochen, alles wird gut! (Promise, everything will be fine!). The EP sounds different enough from its predecessor that it shows the range that Blumengarten has in them: from straight-up pop to hip hop.

The purity of their sound and their ideas is best reflected in their debut full-length, Schönheit die in Schmerzen liegt. Djima’s vocals shine on the opening track “Neue Welt,” adding warmth to the gentle rhythm and melody. There is a similar effect on “Gloria,” before drum and bass instrumentation kicks in at the end. Elsewhere, there is a clear feeling of longing. “Mama” is a strong pop track with orchestral accents and a full chorus.

Perhaps most amazing about Blumengarten is that even on their debut album they are not looking to outlast their stay. The album is only eight tracks with a running time of less than 22 minutes. If they want to leave you wanting more, then their plan is working!

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