Learn German with films of Jana Pallaske!

Learn German with Films of Jana Pallaske

Cinema fans may remember Jana Pallaske as an autograph-seeking fan who approaches Daniel Brühl‘s character Fredrick Zoller in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. But the actress got an early start in the German film industry. Pallaske made her name by portraying several young women with difficult starts in life.

Since those early roles, Pallaske has made a name for herself in a wide variety of film projects. So now is a great time to get to know Jana Pallaske and learn German with films!

Get to Know Jana Pallaske

Jana Pallaske was born on May 20, 1979, in East Berlin. Pallaske left school early, before completing her Abitur exams. Instead, she took on odd jobs, including working at a bar and at a casting agency.

In addition to pursuing acting, Pallaske has also followed her passion for music. She has been involved with several bands, including A Girl Called Johnny. Using the stage name Bonnie Riot, she fronted the Berlin punk band Spitting Off Tall Buildings. She also worked as a VJ at MTV Germany.

Learn German with film alaska.de starring Jana Pallaske!


Jana Pallaske stars as Sabine in the 2000 film alaska.de. In the film, written and directed by Esther Gronenborn, Sabine moves in with her father after experiencing trouble at home with her mother and her new boyfriend.

But a change in location does not seem to solve her worries. Before long, Sabine and her new friends get into a fight with another teenager. After a knife fight, the other teenager is killed.

Sabine is traumatized by what she has seen. And, as a witness to the murder, Sabine is suddenly in danger.

Learn German with film Engel & Joe starring Jana Pallaske!

Engel & Joe

Based on the novel of the same name by Kai Hermann, the 2001 film Engel & Joe focuses on the tale of two teenagers. 15-year-old Joe, portrayed by Pallaske, runs away from home after being beaten by her mother’s boyfriend. On the streets of Cologne, she meets 17-year-old Engel, portrayed by Robert Stadlober, a punk who is also living on the streets.

The pair quickly become a couple and fall in love, sharing their dreams for the future. But when Joe gets pregnant and Engel falls deeper into drugs, the future does not look quite as certain for the young lovers.

Learn German with film Phantomschmerz starring Jana Pallaske!


Matthias Emcke wrote and directed the 2009 film Phantomschmerz (or Phantom Pain in English). In the film, Til Schweiger stars as Marc, a cycling enthusiast. When Marc is involved in a hit-and-run accident and loses his leg, his entire life changes.

Marc struggles with everyday life following the accident. That includes his relationships with his ex-wife and daughter. He has trouble acknowledging his issues. But he begins to regain his confidence with the support and love of Nika, portrayed by Jana Pallaske.

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