Learn German with the films of Robert Stadlober!

Learn German with Films of Robert Stadlober

Robert Stadlober is a talented guy whose creative abilities seem to know no boundaries. The Austrian-born Stadlober may be known primarily as an actor to some. But his involvement in films goes further, with him working behind the camera as both a director and as a film producer. As though that was not enough, he is also an accomplished musician. He has set poets to music and rocked out with indie pop.

While still only in his thirties, Stadlober has quite a list of credits to his name. So let us better get to know this multi-talented German speaker and learn German while doing so. Watch, practice, and enjoy these three films starring Robert Stadlober.

Get to Know Robert Stadlober

Robert Stadlober was born on August 3, 1982, in Friesach, Austria, to an Austrian father and a German mother. He and his younger sister grew up in both Puchfeld, Austria, and Berlin, Germany.

Stadlober caught the acting bug while still relatively young. His early roles, while a child, included guest appearances on television shows, TV movies, and some voice-over work. His breakthrough role came while he was still a teenager in the full-length feature film Crazy from 2000. Stadlober’s sister, Anja, also took to acting and has an impressive number of voice-over credits to her name.

Music is clearly another passion of Stadlober’s. He first learned the violin as a child and grew from there. Today he also plays the guitar, harmonica, and trumpet. With a friend, Robert Stadlober co-founded Siluh Records, an independent record label, and he has played in the bands Gary and Escorial Gruen. His latest music project, Heym, sees Stadlober collaborate with Daniel Moheim and Klara Deutschmann by setting poet Stefan Heym’s writings to music.

Practice German with the film Crazy starring actor Robert Stadlober.


From 2000, Crazy is the big screen version of author Benjamin Lebert’s autobiographical book of the same name. Stadlober stars as Lebert, who was then a teenager struggling in school and suffering from partial paralysis. When he transfers to a new boarding school, he struggles to fit in and find his place. The coming of age story also features actor Tom Schilling.

Practice German with the film Sommersturm starring actor Robert Stadlober.


2004’s Sommersturm (or Summer Storm in English) sees Stadlober again the focus of a coming of age tale. The film focuses on a group of teenage boys training for a rowing regatta. There is a shakeup, however, when another crew team with openly gay members arrives at the camp. The teenagers are forced to deal with one another and their differences. It is during this time that Stadlober’s character, Tobi, begins questioning his own sexuality and how it will affect his friendships.

Learn German with the film Anhedonia from Robert Stadlober.

Anhedonia – Narzissmus als Narkose

For 2015’s Anhedonia – Narzissmus als Narkose, Robert Stadlober does more than just act. He takes on multiple roles, serving as co-director and one of the producers as well as having a starring role.

The satirical science fiction-slash-comedy film is set in the year 2020. Millions in the First World are affected by a pandemic of anhedonia, the inability to feel pleasure or satisfaction. Two of those suffering are the well-to-do brothers Franz (portrayed by Stadlober) and Fritz Freudenthal. When a celebrity doctor, Professor Doctor Immanuel Young, offers a treatment, the brothers become very interested.

The film’s cast also includes Einstürzende Neubauten frontman Blixa Bargeld.

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