Learn German with the music of Paula Hartmann!

Learn German with Music of Paula Hartmann

The multi-talented Paula Hartmann is a rare breed. For most of us, finding one thing that we are passionate about and want to pursue can be difficult. And that is before you even consider if we are even good at the thing we are most passionate about. This seemingly normal challenge that most of us face is not an issue or a concern for Hartmann.

Paula Hartmann was known first as a child actress. As she has grown into adulthood, her career has grown with her. But in recent years, Hartmann has made quite the name for herself in music, too.

Let’s get to know Paula Hartmann this month and learn German with music!

Get to Know Paula Hartmann

Paula Hartmann was born on May 2, 2001, in Berlin, Germany, to parents who were a doctor and a bank assistant.

Hartmann’s professional career started at the young age of six. She had a role in the television film Der Mustervater 2 – Opa allein zu Haus. But this was only the very beginning of her film career. And from here, the only way was up. To this day, Hartmann continues to pursue acting. She starred in the television series Almost Fly as well as an episode of the popular crime thriller Tatort.

Her interests in the performing arts are not limited to just the dramatic arts. Since she was young, Hartmann has written poetry and played piano. Around 2019, she released a few songs that received a positive response. This led to her signing a record contract with the record label Four Music in 2021.

And as though having an accomplished career in both acting and music was not enough, Paula Hartmann studied law in Hamburg.

Paula Hartmann’s Music

Hartmann’s debut album is 2022’s Nie verliebt. In an era of pop and hip hop where musicians are constantly trying to outdo each other with a more-is-more approach, Hartmann lays it all bare. With her straightforward and effective songs, she has nowhere to hide and she embraces it. The album’s title track and first single gives a good taste of what to expect. There are twinkling electronics and delicate vocals over instrumentation with light rhythms which never overpower. Elsewhere, on the melodic pop ballad “Kein Happy End,” rapper Casper guests.

On her 2024 follow-up album Kleine Feuer, Hartmann performs a magic trick of slowly pulling you in without you even noticing. The catchy album is a testament to Hartmann’s melodies. Her vocals which are almost trance-like at times. It can be heard on intriguing singles like “sag was.” But she shows her range too, such as on the track “schwarze SUVs,” with its rapid rhythms and horns adding accents that are anything but minimal.

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