toni kater (Photo: Ferran Casanova)

German Music: Toni Kater

I first became aware of German singer-songwriter Toni Kater through her collaborations with Einstürzende Neubauten percussionist and a favorite of mine, Rudi Moser. In addition to his appearances in Kater’s own music, the two worked together under the name Kill Royal and released an English language track (the darkly absorbing “Remember”) through the Lokalhymnen Berlin project (other Lokalhymnen alumni include Mega! Mega!). Now seemed like the perfect time to feature Kater as she’s just released a new album entitled “Eigentum.” Coincidence or good timing?

Kater is actually the pseudonym of Anett Ecklebe. No matter what name she’s going by, she’s an experienced musician who has released four albums in just over a decade. It’s a fact that’s reflected in her music. While Kater’s music is delicate, light and airy, don’t get the wrong idea. Her music is also purposeful, thoughtful, reflective and strong in its own ways. In 2004, she released her debut solo album “Gegen die Zeit” and, as of last week, she’s released three additional albums (“Futter” and “Sie fiel vom Himmel” in addition to the previously mentioned “Eigentum”).

If you’re looking to double your German language practice, then you’ll be happy to know that she’s also a published author. Under Ecklebe, she’s published two illustrated books of fables (“Der Igel und die Fledermaus” and “Graf Rudi”). Both books are available from mueckenschwein.

But let’s get back to the music, shall we? To whet your German music loving appetite, below are a few of Kater’s tracks to check out. Included amongst the tracks is “Anders Betrunken,” the first single and video off the freshly released “Eigentum.” Also included for your consideration is the driving and electric (in more ways than one) “Sie fiel vom Himmel” (off the 2012 album of the same name) and the haunting “Venedig” (also from “Sie fiel vom Himmel”).

Photo by Ferran Casanova.

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