Travel just got a little easier with Keokee Travel Gear. Review of the Keokee Tote Bag.

Keokee Tote Bag Keeps Travel Organized

When is a tote bag more than just a tote bag? Until the folks at Keokee Travel Gear sent me their tote bag to try out, I thought all tote bags were the same. Wrong! While high tech travel luggage has lots of bells and whistles (that, after you spent all that money to buy them, may or may not be allowed on airplanes), Keokee Travel Gear are making an old stand-by a little more modern, a little more fun and a little easier to use.

Review of the Keokee Tote Bag with travel organizer.

Using the Keokee Tote Bag for Travel

Growing up, my mom always seemed to have a tote bag when we took road trips. It would hold snacks as well as the itinerary and notes for the trip. But I’ve never been a tote bag traveler. When I travel, I tend to use a backpack and file notes, itineraries and tickets in my purse. This inevitably means that I have to dig through my purse to find small items, like lip balm. Or I have to put the puzzle pieces together just right so that my purse will close. And it goes without saying that papers end up a little creased and wrinkled.

That’s where the Keokee Tote might have converted me. At 17 x 12 x 8 inches in size it’s not too large and not too small. The bag is made of thick, durable and natural cotton duck canvas with an interior lining, a snap closure (love that!) and a zipper pocket on the exterior. The “vintage” model is also a cute combination of dark tans and blues. In other words, you won’t scream tourist but you can also dress it up for the office. My only wish was that the straps were a smidge longer for throwing on your shoulder while wearing a bulky winter coat.

Review of the Keokee Tote Bag with travel organizer.

This organizer for the Keokee Tote Bag keeps your bag orderly.

It’s All About the Travel Organizer

What makes the Keokee Tote special is the removable organizer. Instead of simply having just a tote bag, the Keokee Tote comes with an organizer made of sturdy felt that features a dozen pockets of varying sizes. There is a pocket for pens, your phone, passport, and so on. And because the organizer is rectangular, it acts as the perimeter of the interior of the bag. So there’s still plenty of spaces to put larger items — like a tablet — in the center.

The best part is that if you don’t need the organizer you can simply remove it. For example, the tote and organizer are perfect for travel by air. Once you’re in your destination, leave the organizer in your hotel room and you can use the tote bag as a shopping bag, purse, etc.

About Keokee Travel Gear

The Keokee Tote is just one of a number of products that Keokee offer. In addition to the tote bags, they offer organizational travel bags and cases as well as bottles. In short: Keokee Travel Gear wants to help travelers to travel easier and stay organized.

The company is the brainchild of Randall Lyhus. A freelance artist, Lyhus started designing his line of travel products in 2015. And if the tote bag is any indicator, you can count on the company for high-quality and trustworthy travel products that won’t break the bank.

Deal! If you’re feeling the itch to try out the Keokee Tote and travel organizer yourself, you’re in luck! The folks at Keokee Travel have generously provided a discount code that will get Reverberations readers 35% off! Use the code 35%offToteDeal at check out. The discount is one per customer and while supplies last. The offer runs until February 28.

Travel just got a little easier with Keokee Travel Gear. Review of the Keokee Tote Bag.

Thank you to Keokee Travel Gear for providing the tote bag for review. All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review, Corinne! I may be a bit biased, but I love this bag too…in fact, I’m heading to Disneyland in about an hour and should bring it along!

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