Learn German with the music of singer Clueso.

Learn German with the Music of Singer Clueso

It is difficult to find anything unlikable about German singer Clueso. For years the clean cut singer has been making memorable pop music. And unlike some of the pop music out there, this is a musician who is all about substance not gimmicks. Quite simply, he can sing. He makes the kind of music that appeals to all generations. This month, learn German with the music of Clueso.

Getting to Know Clueso

Clueso was born on April 9, 1980 in Erfurt, Germany as Thomas Hübner. By the age of 15, he was performing and making music. In his late teens he was working with the EFP 96, or Erfurt Projekt 1996, and then the Wostok MCs.

Hübner later adopted the nickname Clueso. The name is a reference to Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther.

Music of Clueso

By the end of the 1990s, Clueso had released his debut EP, Clüsolo. Three years later in 2001, he followed it up with his first full-length album, Text und Ton. It would take until 2004’s Gute Musik and 2006’s Weit weg before he would start to really garner attention. Each of those albums went gold in Germany by selling over 100,000 copies.

From there, Clueso became an artist that went toward the top of the charts. 2008’s So sehr dabei, with its smooth and easy to like soft pop, 2011’s An und für sich, 2014’s Stadtrandlichter and 2016’s Neuanfang each placed within the top three of German music charts. His two most recent both went to number one and So sehr dabei went gold three times over.

The Sound of Clueso

And it’s easy to understand why he’s seen such success. His singing style is easy and effortless, just like his the mood of his songs. It’s music made for radios, long car rides or when you’re looking to unwind. But that isn’t to say there’s no substance. It’s personal and emotional. It’s simply easy to like.

Many will know Clueso from his collaboration with Udo Lindenberg. The younger artist appears on Lindenberg’s MTV Unplugged appearance in 2011 where they perform “Cello.” The memorable song became a huge hit and the two remain good friends.

And this isn’t the only guest appearance the singer has made. He’s very much in demand. Only last month legendary hip hoppers Die Fantastischen Vier released Captain Fantastic, their tenth studio album and one that features Clueso on the fun and catchy track “Zusammen.”

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