Learn German with the music of HE/RO!

Learn German with Music of HE/RO

For most of us, our careers are just getting started in our early twenties. But German twins Roman and Heiko Lochmann had already been long-established in the entertainment industry by their teens…and they are only in their mid-twenties as of 2024. Now better known as HE/RO, the pair were earlier known as Die Lochis. It was then, in their teens, that they focused their energies on creating music together.

Today, the brothers are working hard to shed their teen star status.

This month, let’s get to know HE/RO and learn German with music!

Get to Know HE/RO

HE/RO is twin brothers Roman and Heiko Lochmann. The brothers were born on May 13, 1999, in Mainz, Germany.

The brothers’ road to the music industry started in 2009 when 10-year-old Roman appeared on the Austrian children’s singing competition television show Kiddy Contest. He and Austrian singer Lara Krause won with their duet of Cassandra Steens’ “Stadt, Märchenwald.” Their version of the track reached the top of the Austrian music charts.

Roman continued to have success with television singing competitions. He performed on German television’s Wer ist Deutschlands Bester? and won the contest.

But in 2011, he made a pivot. Roman and Heiko joined forces as Die Lochis and focused their attention on YouTube. The pair started publishing musical performances and parody videos of popular songs and they also posted comedic skits. They were awarded the people’s choice award for the best “Newbie” from Webvideopreis Deutschland the following year.

The duo’s YouTube channel grew quickly. Within a few years, they had a million subscribers. They had a large enough audience of subscribers to rank within the top twenty German YouTube channels.

Then, as Die Lochis they pivoted again. The pair released three albums: 2016’s #Zwilling, 2018’s #whatislife, and 2019’s Kapitel X. All three reached near the top of the charts in Germany and Austria, with their debut hitting the top spot.

They also used their online success to branch out and attempt new ventures. In 2015, they acted as both the stars and the directors of the teen comedy film Bruder vor Luder. They also made countless other television appearances. Die Lochis were, officially, teen stars at the top of the world.

The End of Die Lochis, the Beginning of HE/RO

Heavy are the heads that wear the crowns. The pair could no longer technically qualify as teen heartthrobs by 2019. At the age of 20, Roman and Heiko decided to start a new chapter in their careers. The era of Die Lochis had come to an end. In 2020, the pair announced their new adventure as self-described “Ex-Teenstars”: HE/RO.

Music of HE/RO

With a new name, Roman and Heiko Lochmann clearly wanted a fresh start. With the new band, they do just that. The first release from the newly minted duo came in 2022 with Teen Star Dilemma.

The full-length album does not feel overproduced or overly staged. It taps into the pair’s youth and sometimes feels a bit DIY. Autotune and other effects are used artistically and there are moments of English buzzwords.

The tracks are relatively short, pop-focused affairs which tend to alternate between a more punk aesthetic and a more R&B sound. The pop punk track “Kuss an dich” is the only single to place on the charts in Germany and captures attention with a melodic chorus while the familiar sounding “Gar nix (außer dir)” sets paces racing with a rapid rhythm. The pair try to show some range with the piano ballad and drum machine track “Zu schön um wahr zu sein.”

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