Learn German with podcasts for beginners to those more advanced!

Learn German with Podcasts

In our go, go, go society, it is no wonder that podcasts are all the rage. You gain a certain flexibility and convenience when you learn German with podcasts. You have no excuse not to practice. You can listen in the car, on a jog, while sitting at your desk, or…anywhere!

You can learn German with podcasts regardless of your skill level and individual interests. Some podcasts focus exclusively on grammar while others provide more advanced conversations or are spoken slowly to help you catch every word. I’ve put together some of the best German podcasts for learners from beginners to advanced!

If you’re looking for German podcasts that aren’t exclusively focused on learning the language, check out the Best German Podcasts You Need to Hear.

Deutsche Welle – Deutsch lernen

Germany’s Deutsche Welle is a public, state-owned broadcaster whose mission includes providing German language content to German speakers and those learning the language. So it goes without saying that DW will have high-quality tools and lessons to help you learn German with podcasts.

DW’s podcasts for learning German come in a variety of skill levels, including slowly spoken news, vocabulary learning, and everyday conversation. There are quite a few to choose from, so as your skills progress there’s a matching podcast.

BR – Sozusagen

Bavaria’s public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, also known as BR, offers many different podcasts in addition to their standard television, radio, and news services. The broadcaster’s Sozusagen podcast will appeal to advanced German language learners. The podcast is devoted to discussing observations – old and new – about the German language.

Goethe-Institut Podcasts

Similar to DW, the Goethe-Institut has a goal to promote the German language and culture. The language learning institution offers a number of different German language learning podcasts that will appeal to all interests and language levels.

The podcasts on offer include Popcast for learning German with music, Goethe-Geschichten sharing short stories, and kurz & bündig discussing German politics, business and society.

Many of the podcasts from the Goethe-Institut include extra tools to help reinforce learning. This includes worksheets, vocabulary lists, and transcripts.

Deutsch Podcast

The team at Deutsch Podcast blends A-, B-, and C-level conversation skills in its episodes. The podcast also tackles grammar, vocabulary, and other relevant language-learning topics. The Deutsch Podcast’s membership program offers extras for B1-C2 level learners.

Easy German

The Easy German podcast is a one-stop shop for German language learning. Twice a week, the long-established Easy German team releases a podcast with topics relevant both in Germany and internationally.

Each podcast includes a transcript, important vocabulary words, and supplementary materials. The Easy German folks also offer a membership program with advanced features.

Coffee Break German

Learning a language takes a lot of time. While it’s great to spend a few dedicated hours on the task, sometimes it just isn’t realistic. That’s where Coffee Break German Podcast can be ideal. The bite-sized podcast episodes break down different grammatical topics as well as more advanced topics. Completing several small episodes can help you feel a sense of accomplishment in maintaining your motivation.

Slow German

German language learners at an intermediate skill level can be at a disadvantage sometimes. You know the basics but real-world conversations can sometimes be overwhelming. The Slow German Podcast delivers just what the name promises: slowly spoken German. Each episode is accompanied by a transcript of the spoken German so learners can really focus on listening comprehension and pronunciation.

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