Learn German with the music of the legendary Hamburg hip hop trio Fettes Brot.

Practice German with Hip Hop Group Fettes Brot

In the early 1990s as Stuttgart’s Die Fantastischen Vier were emerging with their take on hip hop, Hamburg‘s Fettes Brot were trying their hand at it. Today, along with their Stuttgarter brethren, Fettes Brot are among the groups that helped blaze and popularize the trail for hip hop in Germany in the German language. In this month’s German music feature, we’re getting to know Fettes Brot!

About Fettes Brot

Fettes Brot were founded in 1992 by three MCs: Björn Beton (aka Björn Warns), Dokter Renz (aka Martin Vandreier) and König Boris (aka Boris Lauterbach). The comparisons to the Beastie Boys almost write themselves. The group evolved out of an earlier formation with two additional MCs that rapped in English. However, as Fettes Brot, it didn’t take the trio long to get noticed. Their first EP Mitschnacker, along with tracks on various compilations helped them to grab attention.

Fettes Brot’s Music

In 1995, the group released their first full-length album Album Auf einem Auge blöd. The album’s lead off single “Nordisch by Nature,” the name a play on the American hip hop group, Naughty by Nature, gives you a hint of what to expect from the group with its laid back vibe and fun attitude. Not to mention that the track samples the Bee Gees’ “Night Fever.” Oh, and that this is a group that doesn’t play by the rules as the track features verses that aren’t in German or even English while others use Hamburg dialect.

Since their debut, the group have released seven further studio albums and three live albums. With only a couple of exceptions the albums have consistently reached the top ten in the German charts. Without doubt the group’s biggest mainstream hit is the Brazilian-inspired “Emanuela” from 2005’s Am Wasser gebaut.

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Practice the German language using music in German! Featured this month is the legendary Hamburg hip hop trio Fettes Brot.

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