Schnauzer cake

Schnauzer Cake

Several months ago I stumbled upon a tutorial for a schnauzer cake. I quickly bookmarked it and figured I’d follow the tutorial as a surprise for my husband. About a week before his birthday I decided I’d give it a go. Then I spent the rest of the week planning and worrying. What was I getting myself into? Technically, I’ve never even made a cake before!

So let’s just say up front: the results were silly and a little goofy. It’s lopsided. It doesn’t look completely unlike our cuddly canine, George the mini schnauzer. My muse, however, refused to join in me in the kitchen so I was forced to work from memory. But I do take some pride in the fact that I blog even the things that don’t look picture perfect.

First things first: I wanted the cake to be completely edible. So I opted not for Styrofoam and instead used rice krispie treats. I made a head and a muzzle and attached the two with skewers. I then covered it in vanilla buttercream frosting and then started using the fondant.

For the buttercream, I used a recipe I found online. It was rich but not overly sweet.

I opted for white fondant by Chef Duff (of Food Network TV fame). I think it had much of a taste but it was super easy to work with, especially since I hand-rolled it. For the black parts, I used a tube of black decorating icing which I painted on to the eye, nose and mouth details. For the cake, I just did a simple chocolate cake in my angel food cake pan.

Again, it’s silly but it didn’t turn out as badly as it could have. I think my husband liked it. He was at least very surprised. George, meanwhile, was a bit more skeptical of his new lookalike.

Forming the head and muzzle with rice krispie treats

Attaching the rice krispie treat head and muzzle

Frosting the schnauzer head

George inspecting the schnauzer cake

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