The hills outside Beaver Springs

Summer Road Trip

What’s summer without a road trip? We recently packed up our suitcases, left the pup with my parents, fueled up the car and hightailed it across the state (or commonwealth, if you prefer) of Pennsylvania for a bit of a business trip. Of course, I was snapping photos furiously along the way. We went from Philadelphia to Beaver Springs to New Castle to Pittsburgh to Cleveland. Then we turned around and headed back home to Philadelphia. Now if only it wasn’t stinkin’ hot and humid. At least the car’s air conditioning worked!

The photo above shows one of the many, many beautiful hills and ridges we drove past outside of Beaver Springs. We were heading to Beaver Springs to visit the town’s drag strip for Nostalgia Nationals (aka old cars driving really fast).

Out near State College, home of Penn State University, they paint white dots. The dots are painted on the road to help you leave a following distance with the car in front of you. You’re supposed to leave two dots between you and the car in front of you. It didn’t seem to work.
Dots painted on the road in State College

We went under plenty of sharply angled bridges around the Pittsburgh area and its hilly suburbs.
Pittsburgh bridges

And past the Pittsburgh city skyline.
Pittsburgh skyline

Out of the Keystone State and into Ohio.
Ohio border

We drove past Lordstown’s GM Factory where they’re apparently manufacturing the Chevrolet Cruze.
Lordstown's GM Factory

We drove past the Cleveland skyline en route to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Lake Erie.
Cleveland skyline

Then the return trip included going four tunnels through the mountains: Blue, Allegheny, Tuscarora and Kittatinny Mountains.
Blue Mountain

Allegheny Mountain

Tuscarora Mountain

Kittatinny Mountain

I also indulged a little in cities that share their name with foreign locations.

St Petersburg

My husband handled the vast majority of the driving, for which I’m incredibly grateful. So a little public “thank you” to him.

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