Lancaster City: Beyond PA Dutch Country

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Lancaster's Central Market is one of the country's oldest market places.

For many, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, brings to mind farms on a gently rolling landscape, Amish driving along in horse and buggies, and small villages with entertaining names like Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. Think Harrison Ford in Witness. The Amish communities have made Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Lancaster County nearly synonymous.

But in the heart of the county is Lancaster City, a young, hip urban center that has experienced a rebirth and gentrification in recent years. Today, Lancaster City is offering a thoroughly modern lifestyle with a melding of sites of historical importance with trendy restaurants and shops. I recently made a visit to Lancaster to get to know this up and coming city a little better.

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Post by Corinne. Originally published August 2, 2017. Last updated January 31, 2021.

Great Brews from the Coffee and Tea Festival


great brews from the coffee and tea festival

For me, the biggest draw of attending the Coffee and Tea Festival NYC was about trying new coffee and tea brews. But it is also about taking some of those samples home with me. I also enjoyed getting introductions to companies that are new to me. In addition to having great tasting products, many have positive background stories. You can have good tea and coffee and feel good about it.

Many of the vendors exhibiting at the festival offer premium quality products. So my “haul” is rather limited. I’m more in favor of quality over quantity! Let’s get to know Ippodo Tea Co. Kyoto, Ajiri Coffee, Four Sigmatic and Sugimoto America!

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Post by Corinne. Originally published March 27, 2017. Last updated March 26, 2017.

4 Coffee and Tea Trends You’ll Want to Try


Coffee and Tea Trends

Tea and coffee seem to be more popular than ever! Everyone’s trying special artisan coffees and loose-leaf tea blends. After attending this year’s Coffee and Tea Festival in Brooklyn, I noticed some specific coffee and tea trends. We’re not talking about your grandma’s instant coffee and weak tea anymore. Oh, no! We’re way past that! Artisan, organic, and unconventional. There is something for everyone. Check out these four Coffee and Tea Trends that you’ll want to try!

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Post by Corinne. Originally published March 24, 2017. Last updated July 14, 2018.

Visit to: Coffee and Tea Festival NYC 2017

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coffee and tea festival nyc 2017

What is better than a hot cup of coffee or tea on a snowy winter’s day? How about sampling dozens of different coffees and teas? This past weekend my husband and I took the ferry to NYC and trekked to Brooklyn. The annual Coffee and Tea Festival was being held in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. After attending the Philadelphia arm of the festival a year or two ago, I was looking forward to the NYC version.

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Post by Corinne. Originally published March 22, 2017. Last updated July 9, 2017.

How to Make Vietnamese Coffee


A Vietnamese Phin or filter brewing coffee.

A couple of years ago, my husband came home raving about Vietnamese coffee. He’d had a cup while out to lunch with coworkers. He spoke so highly of it that I surprised him with a Vietnamese coffee filter and some coffee.

But I noticed that every time I mentioned Vietnamese coffee to someone, they had never heard of it. Which, in a world of coffee pods, instant coffees and barista brews, probably shouldn’t have surprised me. Vietnamese coffee takes a little effort, but it pays off.

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Post by Corinne. Originally published January 30, 2017. Last updated April 16, 2018.