Smith Island: The Epitome of Slow Travel


A small shack sits on the waterfront in Ewell on Smith Island.

Admittedly it was The Cake that originally lured me to Smith Island, Maryland. But the prospect of visiting one of the islands in Maryland, and the only one that is inhabited, seemed like the ideal day trip. And there would be fresh crab cakes. I mean, 8-layer cake and crab cakes: what more could you want?

While Smith Island is only about twelve miles off the coast of Maryland, once there, it’s easy to feel even more isolated. If you’re looking to escape our hectic always-on society, then a trip to Smith Island, Maryland is in order.

What I ended up finding on Smith Island was a fiercely loyal and welcoming community that is simply looking to sustain their way of life. And if that means sharing some seafood and a slice of cake, well then the more the merrier. My husband and I recently made the trip to get to know this Maryland island.

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Post by Corinne. Originally published September 20, 2017. Last updated April 2, 2021.

Maryland Bakery’s Delicious Smith Island Cakes

Food, Travel

A classic Smith Island Cake from Smith Island Baking Company.

Anyone who has driven along US Route 13, anywhere from about Delaware to Virginia, has likely seen the signs. Amidst the miles of asphalt there dotted with advertisements for stands hawking farm-fresh produce and crabs, there are banners that shout “Smith Island Cakes.” They pop up all along the Eastern Shore.

But what is a Smith Island Cake? I recently traveled to visit a Maryland bakery in the town of Crisfield to find out. Aptly named the Smith Island Baking Company, they are bringing this delicious and indulgent Maryland cake to the world, along with the tradition behind it!

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Post by Corinne. Originally published September 6, 2017. Last updated April 2, 2021.