Christmas Cookies, Part 2: Linzer cookies

linzer cookies

On our last full day in Munich, we had some time to kill before we went to see FC Bayern Münichen play. (Spoiler: they destroyed Freiburg 7 to nothing.) We stopped into a bakery on the outskirts of Schloss Nymphenburg. I got my first real croissant of the trip, we got two pretzels that, unbeknownst to us at the time of ordering, were sandwiched together with butter (we didn’t like those very much) and two large cookies. I’m fairly sure the cookies were linzer cookies but they were so unbelievably good I’ve had them on my baking To Do list ever since. Man, they were good. And Christmas is just the right excuse to give this linzer cookie recipe a try.

As with the Zimtsterne cookies, I did my almond roasting and grinding prep work earlier in the week. Probably the hardest part for me was rolling out the dough at an even thickness. I didn’t do so good with that task. For the actual cut-outs, I used my doughnut cutter for a few then switched over to using two separate heart-shaped cutters. I didn’t do too badly putting the smaller cutter in the center but they’re definitely not perfect.

For next time, I plan to work on my roll out technique to try and get more evenness. Also I’ll bake the cookies a bit less.

What can I say, the cookies are good. They’re kind of a mix between a sugar cookie and a shortbread. Are they as good as the ones we had in Munich? No. But they went over really well after Christmas dinner.

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