Homemade Soft Pretzels

soft pretzels

Every few months we manage to make a trip out of the ‘burbs and into the city to Rieker’s, a German deli and butcher shop. They have a little of everything. While we do mainly go to get some Münchner Bratwürste, we always seem to pick up something new. The last few times we’ve gotten a bag of frozen soft pretzels that put those alleged “super” pretzels in the frozen section of the grocery store to shame. However, we ran out quite a while ago. And if I could have a good stock of homemade pretzels in the freezer, that would sure make things easier. That’s where Smitten Kitchen’s soft pretzel recipe comes in.

I think the most difficult part of making homemade pretzels was the rolling and shaping. Please forgive how sad the pretzels look. But, let me tell you, they taste pretty good. They’re pretty authentic but not quite. The bread texture isn’t quite there. But they browned up pretty well, albeit unevenly, and with the salt and everything else you can’t really complain too much.

The recipe’s pretty good and I’d definitely use it again — and I definitely plan on making these again. Hopefully they’ll freeze well then I can pop them out of the freezer and into the toaster oven for a few minutes.

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